All About Akoya Cultured Pearl Jewelry

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The Akoya Cultured Pearls are actually man-made/farmed variety of pearls used for jewelry making started by the reputed jewelry brand called Mikimoto in Japan around 1916.

Globally, the Akoya Cultured Pearl Jewelry is associated with the famous Japanese jewelry brand Mikimoto with its founder often credited to bring forth the cultured Akoya pearls to the world and known as the father of the cultured pearl industry.

The Akoya or the classic saltwater pearl constitute 99% of all the pearls sold across the world to rank third in the world in terms of demand for rarity and value after the south sea and Tahitian sea pearls.

The process of culturing of these pearls is undertaken in China and Japan under two categories namely, the beaded cultured pearls which are gonad grown to include pearls like Akoya, South Sea, Tahiti and Modern Freshwater Pearls and the second category being the non-beaded freshwater cultured pearls grown in mantle of each wing of 25 grafts implanted to include pearls in the name of Biwa or Chinese pearls.

The innate Characteristics of Akoya Cultured Pearls is that they are more often perfectly round with not more than two pearls per harvest nucleated with a bead composed of mother of pearl and a small piece of mantle tissue and are thus rare and valuable than freshwater pearls on account of the fact that only one pearl is unearthed from its oysters. 

This smallest and culturally produced pearl range in the size of an average 6-8 mm, highly round to offer color variants of rose, silver, and grey as well as some other colors like blue, pink and gold.
Some Akoya cultured pearls also come in color black, which are actually man-made using a cobalt 60 radiation treatment or organic dye treatment.  

The Shape Ranges of Akoya Cultured Pearl Jewelry would include round, near round, baroque and semi-baroque shapes with this baroque and semi-baroque shapes constituting 20-30% of the total Akoya cultured pearls.

The surface aspect of Akoya cultured pearls is demarcated into three types namely clean being 1005 blemish free, lightly spotted to have very few blemishes and moderately spotted.

The Grading of Akoya Cultured Pearls is done on a four-point scale from AAA to A grades. AAA and AA+ represent 1-105 of the annual yield of total pearls across the world, offering around 90-95% blemish-free surface, very sharp mirror-like luster, no or very slight blurring on edges, offering in perfectly round shape to very near and slightly off-round shape. The next two categories of grading are AA and A representing around 20-50% of annual yield, with 70-80% blemish-free surface, medium to low luster to give a dull a dull and chalky appearance, soft and blurred edges, with perfectly round, potato and off a round and near round shapes.

People most often Choose to Purchase Akoya Cultured Pearl Jewelry to get a well- rounded-high luster pearl set accompanied by a look of high-end and classy appeal to accommodate reputed jewelry seller Mikimoto style traditional jewelry style under an economical budget.

The pricing range for Akoya pearl jewelry would range from 140-3000 USD for bracelets, earrings starting from 99-1250 USD, pendants from 150-700 USD, Necklaces from 150-10000 USD and ring from 400-1200 USD.

Some examples of Akoya Cultured Pearl Jewelry is La Regis Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace and Earrings set in white or yellow gold with a grading of AAA+ Quality, an 18 karat AAA+ graded Necklace and Earrings set in white gold or platinum, a 16 karat AAA Graded round white cultured Akoya stud earrings set, the Akoya pearl land ring, pearl and diamond grace ring, Lexi ring, 5.5-6 mm white pearl bracelet, tin cup tara bracelet of 7 mm, white double pearl bracelet, etc.

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