The Complete Guide to Shopping Loose Round Diamonds

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The Complete Guide to Shopping Loose Round Diamonds

How To Buy Loose Diamonds

You are a jewelry enthusiast and you have just entered your retirement and have decided to chart on a diamond jewelry business as a retailer or a wholesale trader and for the same, you are on the pursuit of Buying Loose Diamonds which are high in quantity and variety from numerous other jewelry/diamond traders around the world.

Loose diamonds are those diamonds that are by-end products of carving a rough diamond, readily available for sale in huge quantities in varying color, carats, clarity, etc. When a major diamond is cut from a rough large diamond, in the process of shaping the same, some stone particles fall on the ground to be called as loose diamonds, due to their largeness in numbers.  

Loose diamonds are purchased by various people either for making jewelry or just as a long-term investment.

Following listed are some Tips on a Purchase of Loose Diamonds:

  • Budget: You are a jewelry retailer or wholesaler and you intend to purchase some loose diamonds for your jewelry making or distribution business. Very essential to this is to make a budget beforehand itself, as sometimes as you go along the diamond marketplace, the prices would have drastically shot up to go beyond your present financial means.
  • General Research: An exercise to ascertain the market atmosphere of diamond trading, its current price as well informational insights on various loose diamond sellers on their quality of diamonds, price comparison, etc. can be very benefiting to saving oneself from fraud selling of synthetic diamonds as well as payment of larger price on them. Also, by entering into online debates and discussion in various online diamond blogs and forums, we can get better aware of the numerous aspects of Loose Diamond Selling.
  • Certifications: Many loose diamond sellers will be present in the market to offer competitive and lesser priced diamonds or even synthetic diamonds. We are not to get fooled by them but are to ask and gain when purchased the AGS or GIA certifications as a valid proof of its authenticity and genuineness. Additionally, care to get certifications as independent lab certificate, proof of color grading, Laser Inscription on the Loose Diamonds that you are purchasing so as to ensure value and credibility on their future sales.
  • Inspect under diamond magnification: As loose diamonds are very small in size and very high in quantity, very essential before its purchase is to put under magnification of the jeweler the loose diamonds to endure and cross-check aspects like its color, clarity, carat is that as claimed by the seller or not. By subject to magnification, other diamond aspects like inclusions and blemishes also come into a light to care for and pay as per the imperfections, as the industry norm is the more imperfections the diamond stones have, the lesser its value in cost terms.
  • Factor of emphasizes: A very unique aspect of buying loose diamonds is that they are widely available in various sizes, shapes, carat weights, color grades, and so to make clear to the bulk diamond supplier as to which type and color grad is that you want becomes highly essential. A valuable tip for the same can be to make use of near carat stones from the full carat stones as they appear and give value the same for a lesser cost. Even for choosing the color grades, numerous colored hues will be available to choose from to seem and appear similar to each other and to cost inexpensive as well.  Furthermore, some shapes may cost higher than other shapes, like the Brilliant Cut Colorless Loose Diamonds, will always come very costly than other diamond variants on account of its rarity and meager in market supply. We can choose to buy for pear cut or princess cut shaped small loose diamonds as they offer themselves as better alternatives in terms of cost, contemporary style, and design.
  • Insurance: This adds onto the elemental aspect of Purchasing Loose Diamonds to ensure the same in case of their future theft or even your own careless loosing of bulk diamonds just purchased recently.
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