The Difference B/W A Princess Cut And Round Cut

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The Difference B/W A Princess Cut And Round Cut

The vocabulary defines words according to their nature like the terms “shape” and “cut” usually confuses the mind of people while discussing diamonds. It is more important, it only signifies the sparkle and brilliance of it. A diamond is cut create different shapes. Many people work together to create the overall style and impact of a Diamond Engagement Ring.

The most attractive thing is a shape which usually most people think about when choosing a diamond, whether they want big, small, oval, round and many more it all depends upon their choices.

Two of the diamond cuts that are most in demand and are the princess cut and the round brilliant. Take a closer look at the website and decide your similarities and differences between these cuts.

Characteristics of the Round Brilliant Cut

People buy in large number, the classic round brilliant is the Most Popular Diamond Cut. In 1919 it was the first time it evolved. Designed to shine out its brilliance in the contemporary world. This cut has 58 facets & 57 if the bottom is not faceted.

Diamond District Block

Characteristics of the Princess Cut

The princess cut is very much popular. It was created in the 1960’s has a rectangular or square shape, with pointed ends. Designed to enhance the brilliance of the stone.

Differences Between the Princess Cut and the Round Cut

In general, the princess cut is less expensive than the round cut. The difference depends upon how their facets are arranged and shaped, how they reflect light, and how they retain color.

Cut, Facets, and Size

The princess cut and the round cut are similar in that they have been designed for maximum brilliance and sparkle.


The two cuts display the level of brilliance.


Yellowish tints color is shining out in Princess cuts easily seen in round cuts.

If you are while Buying a Princess-Cut Stone always keep in mind that you should keep in mind the color range so that it can be set in platinum or white gold.

Owing to their cut, round diamonds display less color compared with princess-cut ones.

There are a number of grading done for round-cut stones is in the H-I-J range for white gold or platinum settings and no lower than the K-L-M grading range for yellow gold pieces and yellow gold settings.

This is lifetime investments for bridals. It is lifelong memories to share. The hands are blessed to wear for her rest life. This is the biggest decision to choose what Type of Diamond Cut you want. It’s something the bride is going to wear for the lifetime. It needs to be something she will be satisfied with every day.

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