Alternative Metals for Jewelry Making

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Alternative Metals for Jewelry Making

Use Of Alternative Metals For Jewelry Designing

Oh My! Oh My! The schemes of Purchasing Jewelry are getting highly expensive and unrealistic day by day with the metal and stone/diamond prices getting higher up second by second.

Gone are the days when people used to purchase jewelry on a regular basis, not so heavy on the pocket. Now it has become very difficult to even think about large, high quality and top graded in terms of stone quality, carat weight, and hallmark certifications, except under the scheme of the installment system.

The top and the most Popular Jewelry Making Metals like platinum, sterling silver, palladium, and gold are very rare and meager in quantity and supply and thus are very expensive to be purchased by a common man.

People with lesser disposable incomes prefer to opt amongst the lesser known Alternatives of Metals for Jewelry Making purposes and herein are some of them mentioned below:

  • Titanium: Titanium is a relatively new lustrous transition metal with a silver and grey hued color, high in strength and low in density, found in ample supply of quantity. Titanium as a metal used for jewelry making accommodates various types of designing and outer coat finishes invariably to create the beautiful sphere of jewelry offerings. As a metal, titanium jewelry is one of the hardest, durable, anti-tarnish and non-corrosive metal, flexible to accommodate any type of design and fitting in a bespoke manner. Easily available in large quantities, Jewelry Made of Titanium Metals are not so costly and are highly affordable to offer themselves as an inexpensive proposition to other popular metals like gold, platinum, and sterling silver, etc.
  • Copper: Copper as a metal is a soft, malleable and ductile metal offering a color variant of rose gold color, used for making various kinds of jewelry. The making of jewelry by copper started in Egypt around the 1800s to make enameled jewelry offerings to be colored and patinated any color and finish of choice. Usually, copper is oxidized to attain a green patina appearance called as an antiqued copper plate. Traditionally considered to have healing properties, copper metal is used for jewelry making as a lesser costly option, not so heavy on the pocket.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless or Inox Steel is highly anti-corrosive metal made of steel alloy and a very small percentage of chromium. Popularly used to make Men’s Jewelry, highly durable, tarnish and allergy free to give a silvery-white color with a mirror finish. This metal is getting resurfaced as an inexpensive option of men’s jewelry making having the wearability of a long time. We can find some jewelry markets filled with varieties of jewelry made of stainless steel like rings, earrings, bejeweled watches, and bracelets, etc.
  • Brass: Brass is a metallic alloy made of copper and zinc to have varying mechanical and electrical properties. A highly inexpensive option of jewelry making to give a dark gold/brown color classy finish to get a tarnish free and highly budgeted jewelry to be carefreely worn on a daily basis. Numerous jewelers across the world offer brass jewelry in the variants of the color of blue, green, black and reddish-brown to add in jewelry offerings of charm pendants, wide necklace sets, antiqued rings emitting a look of traditional auspiciousness.
  • Silver: Silver is a soft transition precious metal used for ample jewelry making as an inexpensive option for platinum and palladium jewelry. Highly malleable and flexible in making various engravings of jewelry, Silver Jewelry has anti-corrosive & anti-oxidation properties. If alloyed with other base metals like copper, brass, silver jewelry gives a silvery hued durable touch to jewelry making, considered highly auspicious for gifting in many cultures across the world.
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