How to Get Jewelry for Your Anniversary

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How to Get Jewelry for Your Anniversary

Guide To Purchase Anniversary Jewelry

Your marriage anniversaries are those dates wherein you renew and take a fresh vow to be together with each passing year strong and commitment intact and what more could be the way than to gift each other Beautiful Sets of Rings made of 18 carat gold, diamonds, rubies or any other stone like sapphire, emerald, etc. or even complimentary bracelets or look-alike pendant sets.

Various types of metals and stones are traditionally prescribed with the rise in the number of years of togetherness to be gifted to each other, worn and adored.

Herein is a small list for Types of Jewelry as per Various Milestone Dates:  

  • First Anniversary: The first anniversary is to be commemorated with a set a gold rings as it is considered holy and auspicious to start anything with gold. A necklace or a bangle can also be used with varying designs and multi-colored stones.
  • Fifth Anniversary: The 5th Anniversary is special to be used for ring and jewelry making the stone sapphire, especially people who like the color blue. For others, some other variant of sapphires can be used like white, pink, green or even violet.
  • The tenth and sixtieth Anniversary: The 10th and 60th Anniversary is symbolized by diamond jewelry celebrating ten years of marital happiness with a Diamond Studded Ring or Pendant.
  • Twenty-Fifth Anniversary: 25th anniversary is celebrated as the Silver Jubilee Celebrations and the metal is sterling silver or even white gold or platinum.
  • Fiftieth Anniversary: The 50th Anniversary celebrations are, to begin with, sharing of alexandrite rings to shine an effulgent color of red or purple.   

Furthermore, care must be taken before Shopping for Jewelry as Anniversary Gifts in this regard:

  • Budget: As we seem to go through the long list of online ring catalogs, we would get awed and inspired to become indulgent for pristine and exquisite designed rings way out of our financial capacity and thus a well thought out budget should be made in advance. But, as the series of long years passes, a more elaborate and High-End Designer Jewelry can be purchased for celebrating and cherishing the numerous milestones of your marriage. 
  • Taste Preference: Anniversary Gifting Tends to become complicated as more and more couples decide to not to change their age-old worn wedding or engagement ring and for the same, just to commemorate the occasion some other types of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces high in trends and designs are purchased in a matched pair sets having the same logo of heart or any emotion written to add to the sentimental value of the long-standing relationship.  Also, with the high age, the style for the kind of jewelry tend to be more discrete and mellowed and not so in trend but higher in worth and value in terms of the stone or metal quality.
  • Maintenance: Some people may have very active lifestyles to prefer for simple and minimalistic designs while some are well off carrying very elaborate and showy ring sets. Some may find it very cumbersome to always have to maintain and polish the Anniversary Jewelry Set and thus they would prefer highly durable and hypoallergic metals like platinum, tungsten to be made as their jewelry. We kind instances of people making use of rose or white gold due to its shade and shine but eventually to wear off the polish in the long run and then again to pay for maintenance or purchasing a new one.
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