The Parents Guide to Children's Ear Peircing

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Tips To Children's Ear Piercing

Your child is fast growing and is aged between 8 to 9 years, the ripe time to Make his/her Ears Get Pierced as more and more advances will be made to wear fashion jewelry to match with other kids in the school. Huge tension surmounts various parents as to the way piercing is to be done, through conventional method or through making use of a gun or whether to go to a professional salon or to agree along with an aunt who is highly experienced in this and has the wide knowledge regarding the natural and traditional aspects of the same.

Below mentioned are some of the important factors to be considered by parents when deciding to pierce their child’s ear:

  • Venue: With the passage of time, more and more Methods of Ear Piercing are emerging with parents to get confused as to which one would be the best for their child as the child is yet so small and tender. Some methods may be very painful and fast to insert but may cause allergy and the ear may become septic. Other methods may be not so fast and a bit difficult to be pierced, but will heal quickly so as not to create any type of allergy or rash.  Many options in this would include making use of a professional salon or a conventional fire and pierce method widely available in the marketplace or even a doctor’s clinic to very neat and sterilized ear piercing. 

  • Age: The ideal age to Get your Child’s Ear Pierced is between 8 or 9 years as this is the right age to the onset of the need to wear the worldly and material things and the child will be enough of the age to bear the pain and be patient to wait for it to heal and not scratch off early to bring in rashes and ear tissue damage. Piercing the ear of the child just when it is born is surely not a good idea as many parents do the same for religious and other cultural purposes. This will have the danger of the baby scratching the ear area and getting highly irritated to cry and the healing will be none to put on to some new earring studs.
  • Method: The best method to be used is Autoclave Piercing as it reduces the emergence of micro-organisms on the object as well as spreading it to the child’s ears. Care should be made so as to not to make use of piercing guns as the instances of them causing tissue damage is quite high, in the form of bad sculling, swelling and scarring, and it also takes a longer period of time to heal. Furthermore, the tools used must be properly washed and sanitized to not to cause and unwanted bacterial infections and ear damage and it must be done to rightly place the hole right in the center of the ear and not accidentally in the corner part of the ear.  
  • Healing: Another important aspect is to give around 6-8 weeks after inserting the ear stud and high care must be done to not let the child or anyone from scratching the ear part or even touching it so as to delay the healing time and cause any allergy. Once this initial time of 6-8 weeks has expired, newer and a bit bigger variant of the ear studs can be bought and put to the child’s ears so as to have a more trendy and fashionable look in the school.
  • Type of Jewelry: Small ear studs of 14 or 18-carat gold or platinum or even Stainless Steel Earrings should be used in very small and cute sizes in the form of studs to have a small stone inserted therein of the child’s favorite color. Another aspect in this is that the back page of the stud should be inserted screw able and not just a push back so that it may not be able to easily fall off.
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