Tips for Travelling with Jewelry

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Traveling: Jewelry Tips

Hey! Its traveling and touring time to parties, site visits and the huge number of photos to be clicked and posted on your social media site for higher likes and fun. Along with this excitement lies the scare and tension of the huge baggage of expensive items like wallet and jewelry to be stolen or misplaced.

While travelling, especially women tend to be fussy and attached to wearing the right colored and designed Type of Jewelry to be mixed and matched with the outfit decided to be worn not very aware of the fact that such items tend to stand apart for the eyes of hotel boys and thieves especially if such jewelry pieces are designer having engraved the name of a famous jeweler.

So it becomes quite imperative to only carry along those type of jewelry that is not so designer and costly and are actually Fashion Jewelry made of inexpensive beads, stones, and cloth strings to give a very modern and contemporary look and are light to not to add to the baggage weight.

Furthermore, some things like making a list of all jewelry to be carried for the trip, ensuring some of your exquisite pieces before deciding to carry them for the trip as well as to carry some extra pair of page for your earrings in case you lose out on one of the pages of your carried earrings would be very helpful.

Some of the ways to Carry Along your Jewels While Traveling would include:     

  • Jewelry Roll: A roll made of some thick cloth can be used to stuff and list all your jewelry in the form of small pouches to be hidden into your other clothed wardrobes or even to be packed into the not so apparent parts of your luggage.
  • Cardboard or a Disposable Plate: Another novel way to hook on to your earrings is piercing holes in a cardboard or disposable plate and then leave them hanging along to be wrapped and hidden along in your baggage by a thick cloth or a plastic cover. This way no one would sense that the package or cloth contains any type of jewelry.
  • Buttons: A highly popular method is to hoop your earring loops into each hole of your buttons adding on to numerous buttons to be all put in one Case of the Jewelry Box and by this, no pair will get mixed and lost.
  • Straws: A sure shot way to loop your long necklaces into the direct stream of straw and then let them remain hanging and by this, if you are carrying numerous necklaces, the chances of them getting entangled with each other gets minimized.
  • Daily Pill/Mint/Jewelry Box: a novel method to conceal the existence of your jewelry in your luggage is to Make use of Daily Pill/ Mint/Jewelry Box to add in Small Earring Studs and other jewelry like bangles and rings. Making use of such boxes made of plastic or tin material has the advantage that these will not be able to break so easily and can also be closed with a lock and key system.
  • Cloth Pouch:  cloth pouches are very popular and inexpensive to purchase and can be used to store some of your not so expensive and grand jewelry. This way, your jewelry can be easily put in your handbag and carried along any place with ease and comfort.
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