Wedding Rings Sets

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Wedding Rings Sets

Wedding Rings for Your Love

A Wedding Ring is a particular sort of ring that is a finger ring which depicts that the wearer is married. This ring is the symbol of marriage, a pure bond of togetherness. Marriage is something which is there is in every culture. The bond of love and union between two people is central to marriage and the wedding symbolizes the same. Varying upon the culture the difference comes in the things such as wedding clothes, colors, and theme etc. But still, this can be seen that Wedding Rings are in trend.

Let’s see the history of Wedding Rings. Back in the ancient times, Egypt is known as the birthplace of modern and traditional Wedding Rings. This is not complete, the year’s swipe more towards back and the tradition of rings was actually developed by Neanderthals who actually tie twigs, grass around the wrist of the bride that signifies that wife’s soul would be intact. After this a hundred ear later, the Egyptians initiate to make the rings form bones and the material leather, ivory, and hemp. After some time they discovered the metal transformation for rings. They added to the credit of Wedding Rings symbolism. After these Asian traditions transformed Wedding Rings symbolic value. They regarded these Wedding Rings as a seal of legal contract i.e. marriage. Traveling a long journey of transformation and modifications, over the years the Wedding Rings developed even further into the rings that are known today. The trend of mounting a jewel especially diamond appeared from the 1940s onwards.

wedding Rings for Couples

The difference between wearing Wedding Rings-

Nowadays, people are rarely bothered and ruminate about the traditions, but these traditions also carry significance behind them. The Wedding Rings have carried a long journey of traveling and modifications and have adjusted in various cultures. Some countries’ people wear rings on the left hand while some wear on right hand. This is because of their beliefs. The Romans and Egyptians have the same belief. They believe to wear the rings in the ring finger as they are of the notion that the finger has a vein that is connected directly with your heart.

In Germany and Netherlands and the other countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Hungary, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, and Venezuela wear Wedding Rings on the right hand.  At the dusk of the 18th century, the tradition of wearing Wedding Rings on the left hand emerges. Before that even the English-speaking countries, the rings were worn on the right.

Australia, Canada, Botswana, Egypt, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and most of the Asian countries, here Wedding Rings are worn on the left hand. In Sri Lanka, the groom wears the wedding ring on the right hand whereas the bride wears Wedding Rings on the left hand.

Nowadays with the emergence of broad thinking and modernization, the choice of hand for the Wedding rings have a change. It depends on the convenience also.

Different Types of Wedding Rings

  • Promise ring
  • Diamond Ring
  • Sterling Silver Ring
  • Eternity Ring

Now we can see there are various jewels mounted on the rings. Wedding Rings are actually a symbol of love and bond between two people. There is no particular rule for wearing these Wedding Rings.

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