Buying Wholesale Costume Jewelry

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Buying Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Choose Best Costume Jewelry - Ther Perfect Guide For Choose Costume Jewelry

Choosing the right piece of jewelry can be a nightmare. It can take you hours upon hours of searching. And finally, when you find something you like, you need to sure you are getting a real quality pearl, not just wholesale costume jewelry. If on the other hand, you are only after Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, then you can use these tips to find the best possible for your needs.
Obviously, you need to be aware of what you are purchasing and ask the right questions to find the right answers before you buy. Although ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you need to be happy with your purchase in the future, as well as the date of purchase. So, in order to find and identify good quality pearls, jewelry, and other fashion gem accessories, here are some great tips. They will help you recognize the important aspects in judging good value and quality pearls and fashion/costume jewelry.
Check This Tips When You Choose Wholesale Costume Jewelry:-


One of the first questions anyone should ask is – what color pearl jewelry are you interested in. This determines what type of pearl, and where it comes from, and more importantly – what apparel it will go with. Freshwater Cultured pearls and saltwater cultured pearls for that matter come in almost any color you can imagine from white to black, golden, blue, green and other shades like rose and lavender. Although the fashion industry suggests that white and rose pearls may complement fair and light skinned women best, there is always contentions as to whether gold and cream colored pearls better suit darker skinned women. It is probably better suggested that the color of your apparel will determine the ultimate color of your pearl jewelry.

Everyone likes to see brilliant shine. A quality pearl will reflect light and almost glow from within. You should be able to clearly see your reflection radiating back at you. On the other hand, cheap imitation pearls and sometimes the Wholesale Costume Jewelry will only show surface reflection, albeit dull. With many layers of nacre on high-quality pearls, the light is easily reflected back at you. So luster is the definitely one of the most important factors in determining the quality and real pearl value. But, if you are actually looking for good quality Wholesale Costume Jewelry, then you at least have a great benchmark to look out for.
Nacre Thickness

The nacre thickness that makes up the pearl helps form the luster and shine, and overall quality of the organic gem. The thicker the nacre, the better the reflection. It is also key in its longevity, with thin nacre layers chipping and breaking easily, and producing a shorter lifespan of the jewelry. On the other hand, thick nacre layer pearls will shine better and last longer. Not to mention they are more valuable, luster and beauty.  See A Full Range of Real Quality Pearls to Buy Here.
Surface Markings 

Any pearl that is free of surface blemishes is very rare and is considered very valuable. Just like our own body, to have blemish free skin is considered very rare, and usually glorified, especially as we get older, so it is with pearls. Although most quality gems and pearls have very small imperfections and surface blemishes like bumps, scratches or spots, they are present and affect the overall value. Whereas lower quality pearls will have more flaws and larger imperfections that may be more noticeable. Keep your eyes open for small surface imperfections when assessing any pearls, it may just save you a lot of money.

With so many different tiny shapes, the value of the pearl is ultimately affected. Some shapes are almost unrecognizable, simply looking around, but to the trained eye, there are subtle differences. That aside, near perfect round pearls have been the most sought after through the ages, and are valued accordingly. They are simply rare and obviously the most expensive as demand is very high. People are willing to pay more for rarity. Without being disheartened, pearls come in many different shapes that shine just as much as their perfectly round cousins. You can find a lot more deals and bargains with off-round shapes, and often better settings and arrangements. With almost endless configurations, you will ultimately benefit from this phenomenon. So, odd shape is good, and better for your hip pocket. Wholesale Costume Jewelry and pearls, on the other hand, will almost always be perfectly round, which is a dead giveaway to their authenticity, (or lack thereof as genuine).

With everything in perspective, ultimately the pearl size determines the price. Obviously the larger the pearl, the larger the price. Pearls are measured across the diameter – usually in millimeters (mm). The size generally ranges from 1 to 15mm, with only the exceptional pearls surpassing 15mm, which is adequately reflected in their price. Today, the average size of pearls is between 7mm and 12mm in diameter. Ultimately, you pay for the relative size.

Whilst no two pearls are the same, it is important to recognize uniformity when looking at pearl arrangements and necklace strands. Just like any profession, it takes a keen eye, skill and a lot of practice to properly match up and engineer the best necklace strand or jewelry sets. It goes without saying that skilled jewels must sort through hundreds, even thousands of pearls just to find matching sets. Although uniformity is paramount in any pearl necklace or setting arrangement, slight imperfections help identify the unique and exquisite taste. The same rings true for Wholesale Costume Jewelry, being too perfect is often desired.
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