Unique Wedding Jewelry - Creating Your Personal Style

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Unique Wedding Jewelry - Creating Your Personal Style

Wedding Jewelry For the Modern Bride

There is nothing more stunning than seeing yourself in the mirror and having that confidence before attending a rare occasion in your life like your brother’s or best friend’s wedding. There are many things you can do with your whole look. However, when we say the whole look this does not only mean your outfit but it also refers to jewelry. You should wear the Vintage Wedding Jewelry.

You do not want to outshine the bride and the groom. This is a big violation of wedding rules per se. What you do want to do is to look presentable and neat. You do not want to attend this special day of someone special to your heart and end up being the joke of the crowd. You want to look great and feel great without ruining or outshining the Designer Wedding celebration.

A Unique Wedding Jewelry does not need to be weird-looking but at least it would look very beautiful and rare. If you are a guy here are suggested pieces that you can wear in addition to your whole getup:

•Silver chain bracelet but those in small sizes. Just wear one on either arm and look fine. The bridesmaids dig a man with the simple yet formal look in the wedding without being too noticeable apart from the couple.

•Gold watch. This piece of jewelry is no longer an accessory. It is now a necessity. Looking chic and great is one way to show that you respect the celebration without wearing too many flashy things.

•One silver or gold ring that does not look like an Engagement Ring unless you really are engaged. This will look sophisticated and classy to your whole getup. For ladies to look more beautiful here are some pieces you can wear along with your cocktail or gowns during the said celebration:

•Gold or silver charmed bracelet. This will look formal and traditional whatever your gown looks like. It is easy to wear and you will definitely feel comfortable about it.

•Gold or silver necklaces. You can have this one without looking so sparkling and disturbing in the room with the couple. This definitely suits perfectly with your presence as one of the most important guests of the couple.

•Pearls. You can wear matching pearls as earrings and Bracelets For Women or even a necklace. This will signify purity and chastity during the celebration. Have a taste of beautiful jewelry to spice up rare occasions.
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