Digital Marketing For Jewelers In America

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Jewelry Marketing for the USA is not much of an easy proposition as the marketing and promotion strategies generally used around the world will not work here. America is a high-end and superior tech-savvy consumer market and is supposedly one of the world’s largest jewelry exporter and world’s 3rd largest diamond trading destination. So jewelry business is a sure shot serious affair and the marketing and promotional schemes floated should be highly personalized, carefully considering the cultural context and religious atmosphere.

Mentioned below are some of the key thoughts to win over America Jewelers through cyberspace promotion and marketing of its jewelry products:

  • Content:  Shoppers of America are high net worth individuals with their disposable incomes to indulge and splurge in exquisite jewelry offerings. Also, as the major part of the USA population consists of millennial, it’s very important to ascertain their taste preference in jewelry purchasing choices. The very first thing to be made use of are enriching contents which are very crisp, direct and impactful. Words to be used for numerous advertisements, press releases and emails should be very authentic to make the jewelry shopper’s jaw drop and must be carefully phrased and worded to not in any manner hurt the cultural context. Furthermore, customized content drafting can be done to all those high-end jewelry enthusiasts to get them captivated towards the exuberant jewelry offering, and making these out to reach them through custom-made bulk e-mailing.
  • Jewelry Website: The surmounting criteria for Jewelry Selling in America is making use of high-resolution imagery, better and class in contexts and photography, or even 4 D videos, no scope for pop-ups, best navigating tools, use of augmented reality to provide supreme and personalized user-experience of jewelry website visiting and real-time engagement. Other options like forming an online private call and messaging platform, making the words in the website in the language of Arabic and other local language content, etc. are all a sure shot tactic to deeply engage and convert prospect loyalty into jewelry sales revenue in America.
  • Mobile-App:  Making use of smartphones is the very thing of digital age especially for jewelry shopping and what more can be said that to make use of Mobile-First Indexing. Mobile-First Indexing is the process of making use of the mobile version of the jeweler’s website for the purpose of attaining higher ranks in various search engines, etc. instead of the jewelry’s website in the first place. As the major part of the jewelry, shoppers are young aged and smart-phone addicted, nothing would work well than to make an application of app for the same and Create an E-Store or E-Cart by listing all top images of the products in the cart with necessary detail essentials. The mobile application of the jewelry seller should be very easy to navigate to provide all information to contact and reach in the form of office or physical store location, contact numbers, and toll-free chat numbers.
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion: The Jewelry Selling Criteria for America is primarily based on jewelry’s reputation, credibility and customer loyalty and relationship building, and so the use of social media for content sharing and advertisements should be in a very phased manner. Loose advertisements like the free gift, high percentage discounts are not going to elicit much website clicks and thus only those offers should be digitally floated that are great to induce immediate jewelry purchase. Making use of multiple media sharing through paid-advertisement campaigns in various posts, pages, forums, and directories is a must go. Furthermore, Instagram is a sure winner and bread earner for jewelry companies in America as it accommodates high imagery precisions for jewelry listing and wide audience to cater to. 
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