Necklace Length Guide

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Necklace Length Guide

How To Choose The Right Necklace Length

Necklaces are a Fine Source of Adornments, especially for women and they are widely available in terms of designs, sizes, and colors to add in a fresh and trendy appealable to go with any wardrobe and cloth fitting. Some women may want it long to fill in and fall screamingly in the whole body or some women may require them crisp and short to be near hugging to the neck as a cute collar endorsement.

Some other women may want the whole piece of neck jewelry to be elaborate and highly intricate as means of the status symbol, while some other may just want a not so showy with a simple and unique pendant set of varying colors and shapes.

Depending upon the facial shape, neck and body type, the right and the perfect fit for the necklace is to be ascertained.

The diamond industry has prescribed Various Types of Necklaces as per the length of your necks in inches mentioned herein below:

  • Chokers and Collar Necklaces: This best suits the necklines of those women having 12-16 inches to wrap closely around the neck, usually sitting above the collarbone;
  • Princess: having 17-18 inches is comparatively lengthier in the form of pendant necklaces below the collarbone and is the most popular necklace fit appropriately used by numerous women in different styles.
  • Matinee:  Matinee of 20-24 inches to gracefully lay below the center of the bust. We can find that many women adorn this Type of Necklace as part of traditional attire to lavishly exhibit to the world its elaborate design and carvings, especially made of gold.
  • Opera: Opera of 28-34 inches usually hangs below the bust to be usually wrapped I knotted and double-stranded styles.   
  • Ropes and Lariats: Ropes and Lariats of 35 inches and above are very long layered neckpiece designs to hand below the navel part of the woman's body and usually encompasses numerous layers and strands.

Furthermore, Choosing an apt Type of Necklaces to perfectly suit your face and its shape hereinbelow are some tips:

  • Oval: The most amazing aspect of having an oval-shaped face is that this accommodates any type of neckwear whether being choker, opera or matinee, as this shape moulds into any length of necklace depending upon the attire to be worn and matched with, whether belong dresses or formal and crisp shirts or a western styles tops.
  • Heart Shaped and Angular: The Choker Styled Necklaces would fit into this shape of the face and in the same, the necklaces of the length 12-16 inches would work the best.
  • Round: This type of facial shape is normally characterized by fat and heavy people to have inflated faces to match with their body weights. As the jawline of these people is usually wide, necklaces of 24-26 inches would fall very fine to make up for the larger area of the face.
  • Rectangle and Oblong: People with this shape of faces can go for smaller and shorter neckpieces of 12-16 inches.

Depending upon the jawline, face shape and outfit to be worn, these essential points can be made use of aptly to Find the Right Necklace for you to be worn for any occasion.

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