Groom’s Guide: Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Groom’s Guide: Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

Thinking About Buying Your Groom an Engagement Ring?

The perfect route to buy your Engagement ring may not be as smooth as you had thought of, but at every step you will have to face crisis, and dilemma as what to do and what to not. The road will definitely be adventurous, full of confusion but you will surely be intrigued to it. Here, we have tried to provide you some look outs which can act as a GPS for your navigation. Reading this thoroughly will ease you journey towards finding a perfect ring for you. There will be some questions about your budget and choices, write them carefully so as you can plan out some tactical maneuver. 

A Future Groom's Guide: Buying The Engagement Ring

Set your budget
One thing you should always remember is to stay within your budget, buying an engagement ring should not cost and arm and leg. Therefore, the first step to take when considering to Buy Engagement Rings Online, just like any other buy, you have to decide on your budget first. Before turning towards you favorite jeweler, you should have a clear image of the number, because without it you may end up picking something which you could not afford. An unclear budget will for sure result in a debt.
So be adamant, and do not get carried away if the salesman is showing you something in higher range. As you and your partner will surely not like to start a new life with debt. SO DO NOT PUSH YOUR BUDGET. When trying to stick to your budget, look for small saving hacks that can help save your money. The most popular cut of diamond is round, so you can save around 40 percent by buying a different style cut. You can also save up to a decent percent by buying a diamond with lower carat value.

Educate yourself
As a lay man, most of us do not have a proper idea about the DIAMONDS.
So educating yourself about the 4Cs of diamonds is a critical step in finding the perfect Unique Engagement Rings. The 4Cs stands for Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. These are the characteristics on which the quality of diamonds are dependent on, these are what which differentiate a great diamond from a good diamond and will be the deciding factors in the diamond’s price tag.
The finer cut edges in a diamond will provide it proper angles to reflect more light, accentuating its natural shine.
Whereas, carat is a measurement of its purity, higher the carat value more is the cost.
While most of the diamonds are white in color, but there are also pink, blue and yellow diamonds which are obtained after some chemical treatment. The white or the colorless diamond are checked on a scale of “D” to “Z”. Where D denotes the minimum color and gradually becomes darker while we move on the scale towards Z. Note: diamonds with Z grade will also appear clean, but will have yellowish tint. Whereas, the colored diamonds are measured by some other scale.
And Clarity is when there are lesser and fewer number of inclusions. Inclusions in other word can be called as the impurities. Since the diamonds are made of carbon, so in its case the inclusions are carbon impurities.
Good cut, High Clarity, Lower in the Color Scale and More the carat value are points which causes an increase in the overall pricing.
A good Engagement Rings with name jeweler will even show you what to look for to know the diamond is of high quality. Not only should you read up on the 4Cs, but you need to start listening carefully any time your girlfriend mentions jewelry or her styling you can find for her diamond in Jewelry Stores in New York.
Groom’s guide: finding the perfect engagement ring

Get to know your partner
The Engagement Ring for Couples you are purchasing is for your girlfriend or partner, and it is going to stay with her throughout her life. So it should be something which she will adorn and will love to wear forever. Hence it should have an accordance with her choice and sense of styling.
And if it is not a love marriage, then you probably will not have much idea of her likes and dislikes. So this is the time you have to take a step forward and ask her in general about her, her favorite places, music, her preferred clothing brand, types of jewelry she likes to wear, then just sit and listen to her. Obviously, listening is a better part of communication; and it is said that ‘you do not know how to love, if you don’t know how to listen. Since you are doing all this to select an engagement ring, which is a symbol of love…. So better is listen about her preferences..  Check her reactions when you pass a Top Jewelry Stores NYC or when a jewelry commercial comes on TV.  These will help you to select a ring of her choice.
Enlist helpers
If you are in your way of searching all that your loved one desires in an engagement ring, it might be time to recruit some backup.
Most of the time women actually do talk about what kind of engagement ring they want with their friends.
Gather these clues given by her and then you can also take help of her sister or close friends, they too can guide you a lot about her style and fashion sense.
They may already know what your girlfriend wants or they may be willing to drop some questions the next time they hang out and report back to you.
Groom’s guide: finding the perfect engagement ring
Find her size
After you have gathered all the necessary information about her choices, the final step is to find the perfect size which is going to be a great fit on her finger. And yes, it is the most difficult one, as the ring does not carry any information about the size, the size tag is always removed after it is bought. So even if she is wearing some other ring, you cannot decide what the size is.
The most important thing to remember is a ring that’s too big in size is much easier to size down and is less embarrassing than one that won’t fit over her knuckles. Here are some sneaky ideas for discovering her ring size:
1. Borrow one of her rings- the easiest hack to determine the size of the ring is to borrow a ring, which she usually wears on the right hand ring finger. 
2. Trace one of her rings- if she is not ready to let you borrow her ring, but you can access it for some minutes, then just grab the ring, paper and pencil. Trace inside and outside the ring many times, getting an accurate sketch. You can also slip the ring on your pinky and then trace on either side with some marker and then try on ring mark at the jewelry store to find which one matches.
3. Set up a plot- this is a hack for creative minds, you can think about any plans in which you take her into a jewelry shop…. like New York Diamond District And as a girl, she is bound to check on rings. Example you can say that you want to buy some rings for your mother or sister but you don’t have much idea for the size. Especially if they have similarly sized hands, this will work well. Another plot can be to go to the shops to buy shoes. When you cross a jewelry store, tell her that you want to look at watches. As you’re busy in picking gold, Platinum Engagement Rings or silver, she will inevitably wander off to look at rings. Take note at what she looks at and you can even throw in your opinion, which she will either counter or agree with, this will fetch you more data.
4. Give her a ring. This one sounds simple, but there’s some good acting involved. This has also a fun part involved, just pick a cheap and a most common looking ring from the road side, and give her a surprise and just slide it down her ring finger. Ask her to close her eyes first, later she is likely be thinking about how ugly it is and not what you’re really trying to find out. Do this play with a size 6 ring, which is the most common size.
No matter how you choose to go about this reconnaissance missions, plan ahead. Give yourself time to gather all of this information naturally and over time, otherwise your partner may get suspicious of all your activities like questioning and sneaking around.
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