Personalize Ogham Engraved Wedding Rings

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Ogham Engraved Wedding Rings

Back to roots is the keyword for some people with the sense and auspiciousness of traditionalism to go for in jewelry shopping especially Wedding Rings. The old use of making use of traditional and Godly inscriptions to be discreetly inserted in jewelry is getting resurfaced to get a sense of everlasting association with God in the mutual relationship.

Even in this digital age, we can find that Ogham Engraved Wedding Rings are coming in high vogue with many people to identify and recognize its traditional importance and its very unique Celtic inscription stated in the ring makes its wearing and adorning an auspicious air of soul mates meeting occasion.

The name Ogham is derived from the word Oghma, the Celtic God of elocution or fine speech and is actually the first known ancient linear written script of Ireland.

Also known as the Tree Alphabet, each letter of ogham is associated with a particular tree name considered as an unbroken link to an ancient culture of Ireland and it consists of groups of lines from one to five, set across a vertical stem-line. Each group representing a different letter known as Feda which means “wood” or “tree”, and each line is known as a flash or “twig”.

Wedding Rings inscribed with Ogham inscriptions give a sense of unique association to an ancient tradition of Ireland to be highly cherished and celebrated as it is thought of as a source of maintaining a perpetual relationship between the couple sanctimoniously bound by the Irish God.

Celtic wedding rings in the form of ogham inscriptions also signify the aspects of nature and the duality of Yin and Yang Symbol.

Essentially, the would-be couples who desire the need to wear Celtic/Claddagh jewelry go to renowned and old jewelry makers and order the making of ogham engraved wedding rings to create and craft a matched and complementary Pair of Wedding Rings either in an 14 or 18 karat gold or platinum or even sterling silver, minute and numerous multi-colored stones to be engraved with either as diamonds or sapphires or emeralds and carefully drafted inscription of any choice whether be the names of each other of the couple, Irish God’s name, any other word to commemorate and cherish the life-long commitment between the couple, etc.     

Some examples would include Irish Mythology Ring, diamond set trinity knot Celtic ring, two color ogham embossed ring, Celtic knot ring, mo Anam Cara Celtic ring, diamond set Celtic ring, titanium knotted Irish ogham ring, Celtic knot and Claddagh engraved ring, all in 9/18 karat gold, platinum, palladium 500 and palladium 950, etc.

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