Popular Styles of Engagement Rings

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Express Your Love With Engagement Ring

The Diamond Engagement Ring or diamond solitaire is the thing that all girls dream about.  To be presented with a stunning sparkling diamond ring in a little luxury box is something we’ve all seen in films and which can become part of your reality – if your partner is the romantic type!  The fact is that most girls are just happy to have a dazzling diamond on their ring finger whether it’s a surprise proposal or a joint purchase. So where to start?  With a vast array of engagement ring styles, designs, and settings how do you choose? Diamond shape. 
Round cut or fancy cut?

The main thing to decide is which shape diamond you’d like in your engagement ring.  The most popular shape for engagement rings and most other diamond jewelry is the round brilliant cut diamond.  This is the most sparkling diamond of all due to the way it’s cut with 57 facets allowing the maximum amount of light to penetrate the diamond.
The next most popular and desired shape is the princess cut diamond.  This is classed as a fancy cut diamond.  Princess Cut Diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape for engagement rings.  This diamond is a square shape with pointed corners.  It has many facets which make it the most sparkly of all fancy shaped diamonds. The emerald cut diamond is a rectangle shaped diamond.  These Diamond Engagement Rings have a slightly vintage feel and can look stunning if set with diamonds in the shoulders.  Diamond shoulder engagement rings are available with all shaped diamond in the center but usually have round brilliant cut diamonds or princess cut diamond in the shoulders.
These are the most popular cuts for engagement rings but jewelers also sell pear shaped engagement rings, cushion cut engagement rings, Oval-Cut Engagement Rings, marquise cut engagement rings, Asscher Cut Engagement Rings, Radiant Cut Engagement Rings and many more.  The most romantic shape of all would have to be the heart-shaped engagement ring although these are not to every girl’s taste!
Which precious metal?

After the diamond shape for the engagement ring, the next big decision is which metal the actual ring setting should be. Engagement rings are available in 9 karats white and yellow gold, 18 karats yellow, white and rose gold, palladium, and platinum.  This one is fairly straightforward.  Once you’ve decided whether you prefer silver colored or yellow colored metal the final decision comes down to budget with platinum being the most expensive metal. The 4 C’s Another question which comes down to budget is the carat, color, and clarity of the diamond. 
These qualities have a massive influence on cost and a flawless diamond compared to one with inclusions would not be apparent to the naked eye and would only be seen with the use of a jeweler’s loupe. Buy Engagement Rings Online Lastly, the most important thing of all is that the engagement ring comes from someone special.  Now you’re ready to browse the beautiful Engagement Rings on offer. 
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