Frank Joyeria

2059 Sw 8th Street Miami, FL 33135
(305) 642-0007
[email protected]
Category: Precious Stones and Precious Metal Jewelry
Deals In: Watches, Chains, Repairs, Polishing, Customization
Business Hours: 10AM - 6PM

Frank Perez was a young man with big dreams. At a very young age, he joined the Cuban Air Forces. Passionate about his country, he enjoyed military life and was a trained aircraft mechanic. Then in 1959 everything changed and many including Perez fled the country they loved. That year marked the start of the Cuban Revolution. Shortly after arriving in the US, news spread that forces were gathering in Miami to liberate Cuba. Having prior military experience he traveled to Miami from Chicago and enlisted himself with Brigade 2506 ultimately fighting in the Bay of Pigs invasion. After an unsuccessful battle, Perez was captured spent the next year of his life as a prisoner. Once released he decided to make Miami his new home. He began selling jewelry from a suitcase and eventually opened his first store. He was inspired by his native country and it reflected in his jewelry. The style, quality, and flavor was immediately recognized and Frank Joyeria became a household name. He married his wife Martica, and together they raised four children. And now more than 50 years later, Frank Perez’s legacy lives on through his sons Phillip and Jimmy who run the store alongside their mother. Frank Perez’s dreams continue to live on inside of Frank Joyeria where generations still recognize his superior standards and traditions.
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