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Friends Inviter

The Ultimate Contacts Importer And Tell-A-Friend System For Your Website

Import contacts from email accounts, social networks and lot more..

Why Choose DDB Invitor?

DDB Invitor allows your website users to import and invite their contacts to your website. Whether your website is a social network, blog, cms, forum or an online dating platform, you can add DDB Invitor to your website with lots of amazing features.

Mobile And Tab Support

Responsive styles for mobile devices, tablet, desktops and lot more.

Readymade Integrations

Readymade integrations for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Boonex and more.

Install On Any Website

Very easy to install and integrate with any kind of website or platform.

Customizable Invitations

Fully customizable invitation templates with automatic invitation reminders.

Scheduled Invitations

Scheduled or cron based dispatch method for all types of email invitations.

Invitation Tracking

Users can manage and track their sent invitations under invite history.

Multilingual Support

Built-in language manager to translate entire system into multiple languages.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor full system activity with joined and unsubscribed demographics.

Downloadable Contents

Free downloadable themes, invitation templates and language packs.

Importer Services

Import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Aol, Twitter and lot more. Check out our full list of contacts importer services.

Full List Servies

Always Updated

Our professional staff is fully dedicated to provide you with working and updated contacts importer libraries all the time.

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Free Add-Ons

Check out our free downloadable themes, invitation templates and language packs.

Free Add-Ons

Custom Service

Looking for a contacts importer service for your favorite email provider?

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