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Magic Box

What is DDB?

Magicbox is a powerful social media syndication system that distributes your content and generates a Buzz on high authority Social media sites using thousands of Unique Social accounts.

What will Magicbox do for you?

Magicbox is designed to get your website & content more exposure. It gets you visitors and initiates a Buzz around your content. The high authority backlinks & Social signals built by the system help to gain higher search engine rankings and build customer confidence.

Why Choose Magicbox?

Because it saves you time and gets results! Instead of spending countless hours syndicating your own content getting minimal results, Magicbox opens the doors to thousands of unique accounts that produce fast results.


Social signals
Content distribution
Social Syndication

Step 1

Add social accounts

Step 2

Create promotional campaigns

Step 3

Post Your Content

Magicbox builds Backlinks, Increases website Traffic, gets more Exposure for your Content, generates Social Signals and Boosts your search engine rankings

Here's an overview of some features that Magicbox provides:

What network channels Does Magicbox Support?

Magicbox currently supports 27 30 of the top Social media networks available and additional ones keep getting added. Your campaigns get promoted to a mixture of web 2.0 sites, blogging sites, status update, Image and bookmarking sites.

This ensures you get diverse social media Inbound links and establishes your content will get seen and found. You will get direct Social media Traffic all of which Google absolutely Loves.

Google Search and Click

Magicbox also boasts a unique Google search and click feature which will automatically search Google for your keywords in the engine of your choice. When your site is found, it will click your links. This allows us to show Google what keywords our visitors find us for. At Magicbox, we understand that Google rank sites that send the right signals. Having a website that already gets traffic with a low bounce rate sends the kind of signals Google is looking for. Running the Google Search and click feature allows us to show Google what our visitors are finding us for therefore making our listing more relevant to show up for our chosen keywords.