Promise Ring A Perfect Gift For Making Promises

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Promise Ring For Couples

A promise ring or a pre-engagement ring is a simple piece of jewelry or ring that is given as a symbol of a commitment by a couple to each other and is often the first token of a serious relationship that is just developing into a probable marriage, a promise being made for future in the form of a ring.

In many cases, Buy Women Promise Rings signify love or anything else, something of reciprocal and mutual expected from each other liked to remain celibate, purity, devotion, monogamy, friendship, etc.
Men's Promise Rings typically are smaller and subtler than engagement rings, and may or may not be worn on the traditional wedding band finger. Diamonds are popular, but in smaller sizes or clusters, or with gemstones — usually the focus is not on the diamond, but on the overall design. 
The idea of a Diamond Promise Ring For Women originated thousands of years ago, in biblical times when couples were betrothed rather than engaged for which a legally binding ceremony was held in which the couple were promised to each other to eventually marry, and so to exemplify this commitment, the groom-apparent would, as part of the ceremony, give his bride-to-be a ring to show his and this perhaps is believed to have been the first use of a promise ring.
Nowadays, the most popular form of Promise Ring for Couples wanting to take the next step, and before getting engaged. Additionally, promise rings are used as an outside symbol to people who move in together and have no immediate plans for marriage but are clearly in a relationship, a symbol of expressing continued love and commitment. 
Some examples would include Interlocking Rings with Intertwined Hearts, Posy Rings having inscription in the interior of the ring, Infinity Symbols for Your Timeless Devotion, Claddagh Ring Isn’t Only for the Irish, Matching Promise Rings: Part of a Whole: each piece of each other, together as a whole, Couples Exchange of Rings having each other’s name engraved, Crowns for the King and Queen of Hearts: The man and woman wear similar crowns as symbols in their ring declaring each other the king and queen of each other’s hearts.

Promise Ring Etiquette

Some important rules to follow when giving a promise ring:
1. A promise ring should not be given lightly, that is, you are serious enough to give a lifelong commitment
2. Before presenting the ring, explain clearly that it is a promise ring and not an engagement ring. Otherwise, your partner is likely to think you’re proposing marriage.
3. For the same reason as explained in point 2 above, don’t get down on one knee when you present the ring. Instead, simply present the ring box to them, and let them open it.


If a Buy Gold Promise Ring For Men And Women is given with the understanding that it will be replaced in the future by an engagement ring, it is usually, although not always, somewhat more modest and simple in design and price. Often, couples who know they will eventually marry begin by exchanging promise rings, move on to an engagement ring and finally purchase the wedding bands. 

The center stone in a promise ring will often be smaller than that of an engagement ring, and many promise rings have no center stone at all, is designed with a variety of stones stylishly designed.  

Karat wise, while an 18K and 14K gold and platinum lead the way for engagement and wedding bands, 10K gold or sterling silver is more affordable and popular options for promise rings.


Promise rings/pre-engagement rings are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, the time-honored location for the engagement ring. The promise ring is simply replaced by the engagement ring and then the wedding ring at the appropriate times. 

If the promise ring is not linked to a promise of marriage, it is often worn on a finger of the right hand to prevent any confusion about the meaning of the promise ring. Some prefer to wear a pre-engagement promise ring on the right-hand ring finger to ensure that no-one assumes that the couple is already engaged.
Some Promise Ring Styles are:
There are so many styles to choose from and options to suit a range of budgets, like: 
1.    Pre-Engagement Rings - Although promise rings can be given on various occasions, they are still mostly given as a pre-engagement ring to those who want to get engaged and get married in the future. Through time, this ring will then be replaced with a proper engagement ring and, eventually, a wedding ring.
2.    Purity Promise Rings - These rings are worn by couples who promise to remain chaste or to abstain from something. For example, the promise ring was popularized by celebrities like the Jonas Brothers on account to remain chaste till marriage.
Other times, many couples may give each other promise rings as a symbol of their monogamous commitment to each other.
Additionally, some parents give their children purity promise rings as a type of promise for them to stay sexually pure until they get married. 
3.    Abstinence Rings - Aside from sexual abstinence, promise rings can also be used to symbolize abstinence from bad habits, such as smoking and drinking.
4.    Friendship Rings - Sometimes, friends exchange promise rings as a promise that they will always remain friends or that they will not succumb to falling into a romantic affair with one another.
5.    Religious Rings - These promise rings are usually given to a group of religious followers who promise to follow the beliefs and teachings of their religion on a daily basis. 
6.    Promise to Oneself - Many people choose to wear a promise ring as a symbol of abstinence from things other than sex, including smoking, drinking, drugs, or another type of substance abuse or negative influence. The ring is both a reminder to resist temptation and a symbol of their promise to themselves.

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