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Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring from our stunning collection of Wedding Rings & Bands Online, Choose classic to modern wedding band styles, including eternity and Anniversary Rings, Unique Personalized Wedding Rings for Men and Women in gold, platinum, Diamond. It's a symbol of loyalty to each other in a life now shared. That is why we offer wedding rings for him and her that are just as beautifully designed and crafted as our engagement rings.

Jewelry guides provide you with all the necessary information, as what all are concerned to you as their client. They will lead you towards the final selection of your Unique Wedding Ring, to the best of your choice.

They will keep you informed about the different occasions and the symbolic rings associated with them. Guides will suggest you wedding rings according to your choice and also within your budget range. Kay jewelers provide you with opportunity that you will be able to avail even on their website

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Everything You Need to Know: Wedding Ring Buying Guide | Wedding Bands

Pre-engagement rings: - The first of those occasions is that the pre-engagement wedding band. This kind of ring signifies a commitment to a relationship and implies that it'll be followed by a proposal within the future. Usually these rings area unit made of gold or silver. Some area unit set with diamonds and unremarkably carry a heart image.

Wedding rings: -The typical wedding ring is a simple yellow or white gold band with some embellishment and a high carat value. In modern days the bride and groom chose similar wedding rings, it just add a personal touch in the occasion. Wedding rings may also be made from platinum or palladium and include one or more diamonds.

Eternity rings: - As the name suggests, in the same way eternity rings comes in the later stage of the relationship. Perhaps eternity ring is gifted after the birth of a child, because that is when the bond between them is reinforced.

The cost: - The cost of ring depends on the metal type and what kind of stone is embedded in the band. White and gold wedding rings are available with 9 carat to 24 carat stones.

How to Decide Between Platinum and White gold for Your Wedding Rings

The color white goes pretty good with all sort of dresses and other stones, so if you have finally decided that you want to go for white metal to design for your Diamond Wedding Rings, the next dilemma which you may face is to select white gold or platinum. To a common man white gold and platinum may look very similar, but they do have distinct chemical and physical properties. So one should thoroughly research all the differences before selecting white gold or platinum. Deciding on the right metal type will have a long-term impact on the durability, appearance, and maintenance required for your ring, so we'll help you make the right decision in the guide below.

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Platinum VS White Gold for Wedding Rings

Durability & CompositionThe term durability means the overall ability to maintain itself even after facing crisis, in other words we can say it is the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage. Durability of the metal is affected by its composition. According to the periodic table in chemistry Platinum lies above gold in terms of atomic number, it is highly dense, malleable and also very unreactive. This makes this metal quite a choice for making Platinum Engagement Rings, as it won’t react with the surrounding and hence will stay good for longer time. Pure gold is 24 karats, but it is very soft and not practical to use in jewelry. Decreasing the carat value to 18kt and 14kt increases its durability. A 14kt ring for example, has more alloy metals than an 18kt ring, and is therefore stronger

Some main-points below

  • Platinum rings are generally 90-95% pure platinum, while white gold rings contain more alloy metals Platinum wedding bands and engagement rings are usually between 90-95% platinum.
  • Platinum naturally has a "white" shade, so it does not need to be plated in rhodium to create a different color.
  • Both platinum and white gold change their appearance over time.
  • White gold is coated in a layer of rhodium, which will slowly shed away. Bringing the yellow metal out, but it will return to its original appearance after you get it rhodium plated again.

Men’s Diamond wedding rings

Generally men prefer plain and simple Diamond wedding bands, they do not choose decorated as women. But yes this choice indeed differs from person to person. Started with threads and plant materials gradually the wedding rings worked out on its looks. In the present day market the rings are usually made using the hard, inert metals and alloys. With the passing times the things are getting better. Diamond Engagement Ring is now a perfect choice for today’s modern man. Where the metal choice for the rings still remain to be gold and white gold for a major section of the society. Platinum is although a good option but due to its higher cost, it becomes a far dream for a certain section of society. So gold studded with diamond acts as the most favored choice of wedding rings for men.

Women Engagement & Wedding Rings

A choice of Engagement Rings for Women, wedding ring is a perfect decision especially if your bride is wearing a Engagement Rings Rose Gold Band too. On that way, both can represent their love and commitment to each other by having the same set of rings. It would be an unforgettable wedding for you and your bride.

Today’s Trend Diamond Wedding Rings

  • Diamond holds a high place among all the gemstones
  • White diamond looks trendy even though it’s traditional.
  • Engagement Rings for Couples in modern world buys wedding ring together, in such a manner that both their rings match with each other.

An Array of Choices when giving Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

The exchange of engagement and wedding ring has a long history; it has been given and received as token of love for hundreds of years. The earliest evidence of exchanging rings has been found in the ancient Egyptian scrolls dating back to 3000 years. Started with hemps and reeds to bone, ivory to iron and then to the modern world metals like gold, Platinum Engagement Rings and titanium. Choosing the correct ring for you is necessary, and this decision should not be taken hurriedly. Because this ring will be worn for years ahead. The latest trend for wedding and engagement ring is more for white gold diamond rings, or platinum rings. While the previous generation preferred yellow and rose gold. The perks of white gold and platinum are that they are more durable and strong than the yellow gold and Engagement Rings Rose Gold Band.

If you want to possess something entirely unique, then you can find lots of creative ideas for out of the ordinary engagement rings to pick from. The most simple and yet gorgeous engagement ring is the diamond fixed gold ring, To get a more unusual ring you could possibly opt for a different setting in, for example, silver, platinum or maybe titanium.

If you wish to receive something somewhat uncommon as your beautiful Vintage Engagement Rings, then you can find lots of creative ideas for out of the ordinary Engagement rings with names to pick from New York Diamond District. The simple yet perfect engagement ring is usually a diamond fixed in gold, either yellow or white. To get a more unusual ring you could even opt for a different setting in, for example,Solitaire engagement rings, Silver, platinum or maybe titanium. Or you might go for different gemstones other than diamond. But the natural jewels are not restricted to diamonds, there are much more options like, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. If you're ready to consider going to semi-precious gems, you will discover these in virtually any shades imaginable.

Emeralds really are a gorgeous deep green gem and one of only four truly precious gems that have ever existed. It has been in use since the time of Cleopatra as she was believed to own emerald mines in Egypt. Such fabulous gemstones have been used in earrings, necklaces and other jewelry from ancient civilizations. Today many of us continue to prefer emeralds for their beautiful color and valuable characteristics. Emerald earrings and rings remain sought-after these days, although the reality those excellent pieces of the actual genuine jewel may cost a lot, means we now have artificial options in the marketplace.

Best Stores for Buy Diamond Wedding Rings

Looking for a perfect Diamond Engagement Rings for the special occasion of your engagement or wedding, you can undoubtedly log in your system and open the websites of kay jewelers, diamond district block, jared fashion and zales jewelers. Here you will find an amazing collection of all traditional and trendysets for you and your partner.


Since most of us do not have a proper idea about the metals and materials used in the manufacturing process of jewelry, so many times we can get ditched. Hence, it is a piece of serious advice that before turning your heads towards your favorite jewelry shop, be sure to keep certain basic points in your mind. By this, there will be a lesser chance of being ditched and also you will find that you will have a wider spectrum of choice, within your set budget.


You all must be familiar with this term carat, but fewer of us will actually understand what it means.

A carat is essentially a unit to measure purity or other words you can say that carat denotes the weight by volume ratio. For example, when we say absolute 24 carat gold, then we generally understand that it is the purest form of gold. The lower the carat value, the more the number of adulteration. But the issue with 24 carat gold is that it is so soft and malleable that it can easily be damaged. Therefore it is not a preferable option for making pieces of jewelry.

While most of the wedding and Engagement Rings are designed using 14 carat to 18 carat gold. These rings are more durable than the 24 carat ring. When a ring is not pure gold, which means it has been amalgamated mixed with some kind of other metals and alloys. This mixing, in this case, does not hamper the quality, it is usually done to improve the strength and luster of the metal.

If we consider 24 carat to be 100% gold then it means that 18K gold is 75 percent gold, 25 percent alloy mix, while 14K gold is 58.3 percent gold, 41.7 percent alloy mix.


What do you understand by the term plating?

Plating in the case of metals is an electrolytic process, where one metal from the negative terminal moves towards the positive terminal and gets deposited on the surface of the positive side metals. So when we say gold plated, it means that the base metal is something else, and is only plated with gold.

There are fixed standards for how thick should the plating be, plated jewelry have a short life span, as the color fades out with daily affairs.


The last thing which you should consider is the color of gold. There are different types of gold, such as green gold, purple, gold, black gold and even blue. These colors can be achieved by mixing various kinds of elements and metals such as silver, alloy, palladium, zinc, and nickel, with gold. However, the more traditional types of colored gold remain popular choices for wedding rings. Here are the most popular types of colored gold.

Yellow gold-

It is the naturally occurring gold

White gold-

White gold is created by treating pure gold with palladium and silver, or with copper, nickel, and zinc, to create a pale and shiny color. These rings are usually plated with rhodium, a very hard substance that protects the ring from getting damaged.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a pinkish color and is currently very popular. Rose gold is produced by combining gold with copper, the more copper content, the more is the reddish tint.

Black gold

Black gold has also gained a lot of popularity, mostly for grooms’ rings. These black rings are made of white gold which is then plated with black rhodium, it is a very hard covering. Rhodium may wear off over time, but your jeweler can easily re-plate the ring.

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