Tips For Buying Affordable Wedding Rings

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Tips For Buying Affordable Wedding Rings
Wedding Ring Budget Tips 

Engagement Rings cost a lot of money we all know: The average ring costs $6,351 to be exact. No matter what your budget, here’s how to get the most beautiful ring for your bride to be:


Buy Affordable Wedding Rings

1. Be strategic with the setting.

You can create the illusion of additional carats by choosing a halo setting If your budget won't allow for that larger stone you have your eye on. Not only can this type of setting make the stone in the middle look bigger, It can completely change the appearance of the diamond and will also make it look bigger. It also will give it a vintage look.

2. Pick a prong.

Less metal means a lower cost! so opt for a more minimal prong setting. A metal ring that encircles the sides of the gemstone to hold it in place. 

Just make sure to go with platinum for the prongs because it's much stronger and will hold the diamond softly in position.

3. Consider pavé diamonds.

If you want sparkles as a big diamond at low cost think of buying a slightly smaller center stone, and then line the entire band in pavé diamonds.

4. Buy shy.

You must be aware of "4 Cs"—cut, carat, clarity, and color while shopping. Now it comes to the carat size, you can save some amount of money without sacrificing the look of the stone by buying shy, Holland advises.

 Diamond prices usually mushroom ups at the carat and half-carat marks, which is hardly noticeable.

5. Find the sweet spot.

Similar to carat size, as colors and clarity that how "clean" or clear the diamond is. The grades improve the look of the diamond-filled ring. Diamonds go up in price from time to time.

You can’t judge out the difference between perfect and near perfect by naked eyes. Even though you try to pay extra for perfection, you can't see it.

.For an excellent value, choose a near-colorless, "eye clean" diamond for a perfect look.

6. Go for gold instead of platinum.

It's very durable, so it's great if you have an active lifestyle;

it's a naturally white metal, so it won't change color or fade;

it gives off a gorgeous white shine and silky polish.

But all those good qualities, unfortunately, come with a price.

"Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, which is more expensive.

To get the same fashionable look as platinum choose white gold.

It's an enduring element, resistant to rust, tarnish and corrosion;

-it still looks really pretty;

-it also cost less.

7. Make it a set.

This may not work if you want to be surprised, but if you and your fiancé and you shop together can make a huge difference in attachment, creating it as a memory plus this is a good deal to save more. 

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