Choose The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Shape

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Look For Suitable Shape And Setting Of Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Shape

Shape or cut is one of the main characteristics of a diamond and one that determines the look of the stone and the ring. Here you can see the most popular ones and after the image, you will find a bit of explanation and more examples for each one.

A modern version of a classic shape and the most preferred shape, more than 75% of the Buy Diamond Ring Online have a stone cut like this. Refined and precisely cut for most brilliant it is the shape most flexible with color. View more Round Designer Diamond Engagement Rings.
Second most popular shape, and most popular in round diamond shape. Made in the 1970s it is often found on solitaire engagement rings. Perfect choice if you want a square outline with the brilliance of a round diamond. View more Princess Diamond Engagement Rings.
A rectangular shape with cut corners, the Emerald has a unique optical appearance. Larger, open table of this shape allows the original clarity of a diamond to be seen. Available in different length/width ratios, depending on the look you want. View more Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.
With its elongated shape with pointed ends, Marquise tends to flatter the fingers, making them look longer. The shape can maximize the carat weight, giving it a look of a much larger stone. Looks great in a simple solitaire setting or with side stones, especially baguette or trillion shapes.View more Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Also called a teardrop diamond because of its single point and a rounded end. A hybrid cut, combining the best of Oval and the Marquise shapes, these diamonds are cut brilliantly so that maximum shine can be obtained. View more Pear Diamond Engagement Rings
Asscher is quite a unique shape, also called the “square emerald cut”. It first became popular during the Art Deco era but has been making a comeback recently. View more Asscher Diamond Engagement Rings

What makes this diamond unique are his trimmed corners. As the shape shows off color so well it is an excellent choice for fancy colored diamonds. Amazing as a solitaire stone it also looks great with side stones.View more Radiant Diamond Engagement Rings

Quite popular during the Victorian era, the Cushion shape is back with the latest vintage styles. The corners of these diamonds are rounded and the facets are cut larger to increase their brilliance. View more Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings


The most romantic of all the diamonds, Heart cut diamonds are unique and that makes them a favorite with the jewelers. If you are buying a color grade diamond the corners of a Heart cut diamond may show the color. Symmetry is a big consideration for this shape when buying look for a stone with an even shape and a well-defined outline. View more Heart Diamond Engagement Rings
Often used as a center stone, Trilliant(or Trillion) shaped diamonds are especially attractive when used as side stones to a more blockier center stone like Radiant, Cushion or Princess. The cut makes the diamond shine in a more brilliant manner. It may be a traditional triangular shape with pointed corners or a more rounded triangular shape. View more Trillion Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval is a very popular choice for three stone rings, with two matching diamonds on the sides. Also, an excellent cut for colored diamonds because it shows off color very well. View more Oval Diamond Engagement Rings.
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