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How Can I Promote My Online Jewelry Store?

David   |   27 Apr, 2019   |   731
How Can I Promote My Online Jewelry Store?

Promote your Jewelry Business Online

The United States is the world’s leading consumer of Jewelry, with a market volume of $1.7 trillion in 2017. So you can well imagine that how much marketing helps to build these numbers, small Jewelry Stores In New York business owners will have to be savvy to have a share in the industry’s revenue.

Digital promotion of Top Jewelry Stores NYC requires no expertise to know that you need to be where your customers are. With increased online activities, companies have dedicated digital marketing teams to establish and grow the online presence on various platforms because now, your digital identity is what is going to decide your fate. So, here are a few points which will help you build and strengthen your online identity and drive traffic to your Online Jewelry Store.

The first requirement is to make sure you have a strong and impactful social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  and Twitter should be enough but you can also add Google+ to make sure more traffic to your New York Jewelry Stores Online, so that more number of people hear about of your store.

Assuming that you already have an online Diamond Engagement Rings store, since it’s the prerequisite, you should send out a newsletter or invitation cards (do not forget to add on designs in it) to all of your old customers notifying and inviting them to connect with you on the social networks. 
Increase your audience by posting quality content regularly. For this wisely chose someone who can do the research and develop good, eye catchy content for your blog.

Give out incentives and amazing deals to make people like your Facebook page and follow your Twitter and Instagram.

For example for every share on Facebook page you can give some cash back offer on their first shopping, or some percent discount.

You can also increase your chain in a pattern where your old customers help getting new ones, and you give some percent discount for the old buyers for each new shopper they bring to your Best Online Jewelry Store….Like you keep some referral codes.

Once you have a good number of stable and engaged audience, it is the time to add a Facebook store to your Business Page.

Gain Your Traffic on your Online Jewelry Business 

Now to strengthen and promote your business, here is the guideline you can follow:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimization of the content on your website in order to make it rank on relevant searches on the search engine.

On-page SEO:

  • Make sure that your keywords are relevant and used rightly. Keyword stuffing backfires. With enough and appropriate details about your products.
  • Put multiple photos of the same jewelry from different angles, and also add 360 degree video. To ensure proper product clarity.
  • Keep your site active by posting relevant blog posts and regularly

Social Media Marketing

Regular posting on social media accounts:

  • Consider posting on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. and keep it updated with regular postings.
  • Manage separate business accounts on Facebook and Instagram:

Google Analytics and Ads

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is software by Google which allow you to analyze the traffic on your website and the details about the customers that visit your site. With the reports it provides, you can determine the customer behavior and also predict the future actions.

Google Ads:

Google Ads is a platform for Pay Per Click advertising where Google lets you advertise your products on the browser and helps you establish an online identity by creating different ads.

Product Research, Analysis & comparison

  • Conduct thorough research about your product and determine what your customers prefer and require.
  • Make sure that the market is in need for what you plan to offer.
  • Have a check on competitors’ product designs, prices and marketing efforts.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

  • Send well-designed newsletters to your customers on a regular basis and keep them updated about the latest collections on your Unique Engagement Rings and existing offers (if any).
  • Send clean and crisp emails to your subscribed customers. Make them as personalized as possible in order to get a response.

How can i promote my Jewelry Business

Manage Compelling Offers

  • Give offers and discounts on festivals and special days and keep a track of competitors’ website.
  • Design appealing and clear banners of your offers and place them on appropriate pages on your website.
  • Do not forget to specify the terms and conditions of the offers clearly.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

  • Plan SMS marketing campaigns with appropriate messages to send to your customers on their special days like birthdays and marriage anniversaries.
  • Provide discounts on their special days and on festivals to your customers.
  • Tell Them for vist to Best Jewelry Stores NYC Diamond District.
  • Provide them your Website Jewelry or Engagement Rings Link Like this:-

Diamond Jewlery Store Diamond Rings Online

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