Creating A Strong Online Presence For Jewelry Marketing Success

JAMES   |   04-Aug 2018   |   565

Some Tips To Gain A Compelling Presence In The Digital Space Of Jewelry Marketing

Digital, digital all the way is the keyword for online jewelry selling and internet strike and hit in terms of the number of prospect/customer clicks on the Jewelry’s Website is the Key to Amplify the Impact of digital presence.

Following listed are some of the means to Enlarge the Digital Presence for Marketing a Jewelry Business:   

1. Website: The already functioning website of the jeweler should be updated and optimized by the use of online marketing tools like SEO, SMO to provide a very user-friendly and sophisticated jewelry website. Other factors like fast loading of servers, better cookie management, an addition of 3 D photos, infographics, GIFs and videos of the latest jewelry themes and offerings, multi-screen adaptability of contents, etc.

Under the website itself, these become very important to create a Long Lasting Jewelry Marketing Impact:

  • Photos: Photos used and the way a photograph is done has a lasting impact on the scalability of the jewelry. Photos should be clicked with a neutral or light colored background to provide options for screening and zooming.
  • Color and Fonts:  Changing and bringing in the new color combination of banners and Advertisements on the Website has a Very Long Lasting Impact in terms of connecting and appeal. Some colors tend to click easily with the largely dispersed masses as they tend to quickly recognize and associate with a sense of loyalty and trust. Generally, deep, light and subdued colors are preferred and used for neatness and clarity.  And as far as fonts are concerned, either a traditional and elucidate font can be used or a new and novel font can be used to cater to the next generation.
  • Full Information: Essentially, the website should contain and list all the relevant and required information regarding the type of product offering, certifications of diamonds and metals, price lists, making charges, Cut/color/carat/clarity tips, thematic and product inception histories, etc. so as to make the jewelry buyer well informed and aware.

2. APP: This is the age of tech-savvy millennial who believe in easy comfort shopping by means of a simple touch in mobile. A Jewelry Business High Impact Marketing Tool is the insertion of a jewelry app to provide for login ID and password, wish list, product filtering options, option to book an appointment in the physical store, store locator, video display, aftersales and feedback provision, etc. for ease of usability.

3. Collaboration with Personalities and Influencers of the Jewelry Industry: This is one sure shot way to promote and create a long-lasting impression on worldwide population, as personalities and jewelry veterans tend to have the influencing power to direct the masses attention and buying habit towards the jewelry brand as they affirm and showcase to the trust, user satisfaction and reliability of the jewelry brand, either by endorsing the same or voicing a favorable opinion on it, all to persuade their followers towards the jewelry maker.  

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