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How To Purchase Pearl Jewelry

James   |   27 Aug, 2018   |   2330
How To Purchase Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is one of the most traditional forms of jewelry highly adorned and cherished by the aristocrats of the old era. The essence and substance of making use of pearls for jewelry making are on account of its sober and natural whiteness and simple radiance.

A pearl is a hard shimmering round and smooth object of soft tissue made up of a living shelled mollusk or conulariid having components of calcium carbonate in crystalline form popularly used for making Various Kinds of Jewelry like earring studs, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Naturally, there are various types of pearls widely available in the market like baroque pearls, imitation pearls, cultured or farmed pearls.

The origin of the word pearl is from the French word people to mean leg fatter the ham or mutton leg shaped bivalve.

We can find that the market is filled with various jewelry majority offerings of cultured pearls which are in essence man-made pearls created by an oyster farmer under highly controlled conditions and atmosphere. Farming of these pearls is done using two groups of freshwater river mussels and saltwater pearl oysters. 

Following mentioned are some of the Tips to Purchase Pearl Jewelry:

  • Research: Before jotting onto a type of pearl jewelry, care to consider the brand worth and reputation of the jewelry provider offering pearl sets for sale. In order to ascertain the authenticity of the pearls, undertake a tooth test by gently sliding the pearl across the front of your teeth and if this gives a smooth finish, then these are not real pearls but are actually imitation and duplicate ones sold to you. The real ones will not have a surface not so smooth.
  • Budget:  Always earmark a budget before setting onto the purchase of any type of jewelry, as once you reach the jewelry store, you tend to get allured by the countless varieties of pearl jewelry offerings and waste time as well as money on buying a type of jewelry way beyond your budget.
  • Price: The costing aspect of pearl jewelry is that each pearl costs differently depending upon its quality and rarity. With every millimeter increase in high-quality pearls, the price structure also increases by 30-50%. And thicker the layer of nacre layers in the host oyster, greater will be its price.
  • Pearl grading and pearl value factors: The pearl industry does not have a standard grading system just like for diamonds, rather the grading is done by jewelry houses on an arbitrary basis and its verifiability and authenticity will depend upon the reputation and brand worthiness of the jeweler. The major grading system used in the United States is the AAA-A system and the A-D system or the Tahitian System. Before the purchase is wary of the fraudulent grading like AAA or AAA+ use used by dubious jewelers to undertake misselling.
  • Luster:  The most elemental aspect of Pearl Jewelry Buying is the aspect of the way light reflects the pearl surface to give a very natural shine and shimmer. The terms used to define the degree of luster of pearls is excellent to make appear the reflections bright and sharp, very good to make appear the reflections bright and near sharp, good to appear the reflections bright but not sharp and with meagre haziness around the edges, fair to make reflections weak and blurred, and the last being the poor to appear reflections dim and diffused.
  • Types of Pearls: The major types of pearls are Akoya, Tahitian, White South Sea and Gold South Sea.
  • Akoya Pearls: Also called the classic pearls are the top rarest and most natural pearls in the world in rare baroque shapes, highly rounded and colors of silver blue and gold ranging in the size of 4-10 mm costing around mid-range.
  • Freshwater Pearls: Highly Affordable and Trendy Pearls in baroque shapes in color variants of pastel colors with common size ranges of 5-12 mm widely available in numerous color variants.
  • Tahitian Pearls: Also called the dark and exotic pearl, highly rare and available as the only natural dark pearls available in various colors of a rainbow and shapes like drops, baroque and ovals in the size range of 8-15 mm, highly valued and most sought after with its price ranging from mid to high range.
  • South Sea Pearls: Also called as the Rolls Royce of Pearls, south sea pearls are the world’s largest saltwater pearls grown in Australia, Philippines and Indonesia offering color variants of white and gold, ranging in the size of 8-18 mm and the most popular being the 10-14 mm in various shapes of drops, baroque and ovals.  

Some good Examples of Pearl Jewelry is Tahitian pearl pendants, white gem grade freshwater pearl necklace of 8.5-9.00 mm, Akoya pearl necklace of 7-7.5 mm, classic designer silver alloy with white gold plated round pearl necklace, surat diamond 2 line real freshwater pearl necklace, grey colored pearl sets, trendy souk purple pearl necklace set, green pearl tops, two string oval pearl necklace, two string grey pearl watch for women, Surat diamonds freshwater pearls gold-plated stud earrings for women, metallic pearl studded necklace, mother of pearl bracelets, etc.

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