Choosing The Right Necklace Length For You

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Choosing The Right Necklace Length For You

Choosing The Right Necklace Length For You

The strings of threads bind with Gold, Pearls and other metals are known as a necklace. Since ancient times necklaces have been the most dwelling jewelry for kings as well as queens. Ajanta cave paintings are the proof, which clears out the presence of Different Kind of Necklaces with respective lengths. They were known as Makaveli, muktavali, Paralambika: long necklace hanging down the navel; urahsutrika, devchchchandu, to get the great look for the attire they wear. 

Necklace Length Varies from Size to Size.

Size of your face, neck and body type to get the right “fit” of chain, pendant or string of pearls you wear. 

But nowadays, necklaces have just become the beauty of exhibition to the almirahs. They are not wearable like that before. Now it has just become a piece of the gift given to you as a piece to keep safe. There can be many reasons but the most awaited reason is people are getting modern and it doesn’t work out with clothes they have wear. They have lost their charm they are not the same when they used to lighten up the scene like before.

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for the Female Body

  • Sticking your neck out
  • Lengths and widths
  • Face it
  • Your Closet

The right necklace can really pull an outfit together and be the focal point of a woman’s body. It is important to consider the Length and Size of the Necklace when buying it and adding to your wardrobe.

Neck Size

The easiest way to measure your neck is to gently take a soft measuring tape and wrap it closely around your neck do it before every shopping. Add two inches extra for a comfortable length, usually sized at 16 inches and add four inches for a pendant or name necklace which is usually attached on an 18-inch chain for women. 

Your height is another factor to consider when choosing the Perfect Necklace Chain 

Body Type

Body type matters a lot. According to your body wear out and dressing sense you can inculcate the inch of the necklace.

According to your lifestyle, yeah it also matters. For marriages, you may buy heavy and long jewelry but for daily wear light and for office wear more light in weight plus sleeker in appearance. 

Face Shape

Women with round faces should avoid short necklaces or chokers and oval-shaped faces can take Advantage of Any Necklace with any shape, length, and type.

Who wants to broaden and soften the shape of their faces, especially long faced women should wear small necklaces and should measure between 16” – 18”.

They can add heart-shaped stones for beautifying the look. 

Choosing The Right Necklace is similar to shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. Practice what flatters your body type and Juno on to the current trends. There is a heavy range of chain lengths and styles of necklaces for you.

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