Charm Of Antique Style Of Engagement Ring

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Little Lesson About Antique Style Engagement Rings

When you’re choosing a symbol to represent your lifelong love, you can’t beat the charm of antique style engagement rings. The chances are, whichever ring you choose, you’ll never see another one quite like it. I love my antique style engagement ring. Its timeless, classic beauty is a reminder every day of the most important relationship in my life. Here’s why antique style engagement rings are more popular and in demand than ever before.

The Unique Styles of Antique Engagement Rings

An engagement ring can be classified as ‘antique’ if it’s at least 50 years old, but they are considered truly antique at 100 years old. While modern rings usually have sleek lines, antique style engagement rings boast fine detail. Jewelers often replicate the original design of antique rings in modern rings, which shows just how popular Unique Style Engagement Rings are. Sophisticated, mobile women are often attracted to these designs.

Antique style engagement rings span a huge variety of materials, gemstones, and looks. There are different styles associated with the various historical periods, and each one has its own grace and charm. Find out what period suits your look, and this will help you in your search for the perfect Antique Style Engagement Ring. Antique style engagement rings in the Old European round style have stones carved with meticulous details, e.g. tiny diamonds and beaded edges. If you want a truly antique, hand-crafted piece, antique style engagement ring from the Georgian period (spanning 1714 – 1837) is well worth looking at. Perfect for nature-lovers, these pieces are heavily influenced by nature. You’ll find the shapes of leaves, birds and even insects! The romantic Victorian period (1836 – 1901) created engagement rings with flowers, hearts, bows, and birds. As well as diamonds, you can find opals, a favorite of Queen Victoria. An antique style engagement ring from this period will boast a classic romantic look, and at the same time show elements of the nature influence from the Georgian period.

Art Nouveau period (1890–1910). If a delicate and cosmopolitan look is your thing, look at some rings from the Art Nouveau period. While this period actually encompasses the latter Edwardian period, specific materials and gemstones took a back seat to the importance of design and craftsmanship. You can expect to see free-flowing asymmetrical lines and a large range of materials and gemstones. These rings are less common but increasingly popular for their delicate lines, as opposed to the more sleek appearance of Art Deco rings. Edwardian Period (approx. 1895 – 1914) -  Designer Style Engagement Rings from this period show very high levels of craftsmanship. The designs are elegant, with fine filigree work.

The New Trend Of Antique Style Engagement Ring

A jeweler from the Antique Jewelry Company, says that this period is the best one to go for if you want superior quality, perfect stones, and timeless designs. Platinum rings and diamonds are what you can expect from this era. Art Deco rings from the 1920′s to 1930′s combine bold colors with practicality: their settings are usually flat and so less vulnerable to damage than the more raised settings. This is ideal for active women who do a lot of sports or work with their hands. These antique style engagement rings tend to have geometric shapes, sharp straight lines and are often in black and white. Rings from this era show the influence of Egyptian, Asian and Native American cultures.

Look out for platinum bands set with emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Platinum Antique Engagement Rings also are more durable and hold extremely valuable gemstones most securely. Because platinum is a neutral color, it makes an ideal complement to colored stones and also accentuates the brilliance of diamonds. Ideal for lovers of retro styles and jazz! The Retro period (approximately 1935 – 1950) – if you like bold, chunky, square styles and appreciate the style of the more famous jewelry brands, try a Retro ring. During this period, platinum wasn’t available to jewelers, and synthetic rubies and sapphires became popular.

These rings were often worn by the Hollywood elite of the time. You can see the mark of famous makers such as Tiffany & Co. on these antique style engagement rings. If you’re on a budget and want the illusion of a large stone, retro rings could be the way to go. The craftsmanship of Antique Style Engagement Rings These rings have already stood the test of time, and this says a lot about their superior craftsmanship and also their durability.

Excellent ValueThere is a myth that Antique Style Engagement Ring Sets are more expensive. In fact, I discovered that they offer better value for money. This is because: Antique dealers sell on the margin scheme they only pay VAT on the profit, rather than the whole amount. This makes the prices of antique style engagement rings generally cheaper than modern engagement rings. The market for these rings is very competitive, so you can expect prices to be fair. You can pay as little as $300 and as much as $8000, so there really is something for everyone’s budget. Thinking more long-term, antique style engagement rings are a great investment. Their unique craftsmanship and fine detail make them likely to be passed down through the generations. People who value antiques and family heirlooms love these rings. You can buy an antique style engagement ring knowing it will remain a treasured piece for many years to come.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings make the woman in your life feel special, with their rarity, beauty, and quality. See my article, ‘The Vintage Style Engagement Ring Buying Guide‘ for more on how to choose the one that’s just right.
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