Customized Engagement Rings

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Personalized Engagement Rings

As more and more women are entering into the workforce of employment and resultant higher spending capacity accompanied with accretion in their sense of self-worth and self-esteem, many would-be couples are increasingly engaging themselves towards lavish spending on engagement rings and other marriage expenses. People now prefer jewelry, especially /engagement wedding jewelry to exhibit their own sense of individual style and distinctiveness, something maybe indigenous and discrete to showcase a personal aspect of their life and their net worth and for this numerous jewelers in the world are offering supreme craftsmanship and expert recommendations to choose the metal, stone and design settings to craft a beautiful Bespoke Engagement Ring, highly revered for whole lifetime of the couple.

The Personalized Aspect of Bespoke Engagement Rings can vary as per the choice preferences and spending capacity of would be coupled to create a very one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art Customized Engagement Ring Collection. Some people may prefer a very earthy, traditional and classic ring style or a very stylish, trendy and bold or naturally hued with simple settings or even highly romantic and natural, while some others may prefer highly contemporary and new age designs all to accommodate their styles whether being traditional, conservative, open-minded or highly open-minded and bold and extent.

Some relevant ideas in this Bespoke Engagement Ring Collection would include insertion of a favorite stone or birthstone in the metal chosen for a particular setting or even making use of pendants of would-be spouse’s name, lucky number, favorite color in the stone, secret messages in certain languages, some kind of ogham engravings, pet name or even any logo or symbol/idea the would-be couple are associated or appeal towards with like a religion, an attitude or a thought movement in the form of a directed revolution.

For making Customized Engagement Rings, the styles would include solitaire, halo, vintage, side/three-stone, promise, cushion-cut, princess-cut, classic solitaire, etc. and people can mix and match as per their choices and choose among settings like solitaire setting, bezel, Tiffany, tension, channel, pave, halo, cathedral, bar, flush, etc.  Additionally, many new age millennial couples tend to infuse various engagement ring styles and settings to create a matched and complimented engagement ring pair and some color and design/setting hues would include aquamarine with vintage accents, intricate filigree styled, leaves, floral patterns, a stone representing the month of the marriage or engagement, double-toned metallic mix and texture, etc.

Some examples would include of people making use of stones like teal sapphires of varying colors or amethyst stone, non-use of conflict diamonds, classic white gold or platinum, a combination of blue sapphire and white diamond, 13-carat pink pear cut and small mellowed colored stones surrounding them, a 10-carat marquise shaped vintage ring, a very rare use of a 601-carat rough diamond found in Africa for a 16 or 24 cut engagement ring, an emerald-cut platinum basket setting having floral or leaf as designs, usage of two diamond baguettes as a center stone in a flush setting engagement ring, infusion of that number of diamonds or gemstones as per the number of years elapsed in terms of the relationship like a three stone engagement ring for three months or three years of the withstanding the relationship, an 18-carat octagon-cut diamond engagement ring of exceptional clarity and shine, a certified type 2 a diamond known as Asscher-cut Krupp diamond to create a converged assemblage of a one main stoned pendant surrounded by numerous small rubies of multi-color, etc. for making a Bespoke Engagement Ring.

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