Engagement Rings Styles

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JUDITH RIPKA Sanibel Faceted Canary Crys..

Sanibel Island's captivating beaches and lush greenery inspire designs created with sun-drenched canary crystal and verdant green quartz.
Sold by Judith Ripka

JUDITH RIPKA Amalfi Double Pear Shape Ro..

JUDITH RIPKA Amalfi Double Pear Shape Rose Cut Blue Quartz & Hematite Doublet Bypass Ring With White Topaz Accents at affordable Price. Get Best Judith Ripka Ring Online for women.
Sold by Judith Ripka

Judith Ripka "Lila" Asscher Ring, Size 7

Judith Ripka "Lila" Asscher Ring, Size 7 at affordable Price. Get Best Judith Ripka Ring Online for women.
Sold by Judith Ripka

JUDITH RIPKA Santorini White Topaz Multi..

The Santorini Collection is inspired by the tranquility of the island's iconic white architecture offset by the blue sea and twinkling evening lights.
Sold by Judith Ripka

Judith Ripka "Flora" Matching Oval Bypas..

$696.00 $892.00
Get the Buy Judith Ripka "Flora" Matching Oval Bypass Ring with Pave Band Diamond at affordable Price. Get Best Judith Ripka Ring Online for women.
Sold by Judith Ripka

Mens Wedding Band Women's Trio Ring Set ..

$598.00 $143.00
Buy Mens Wedding Band Women's Trio Ring Set 14k White Gold GP 925 Silver Sim Diamond at affordable Price. Get Best Bonanza Ring Online for women.
Sold by Bonanza

Red Diamond Spooky Skull Engagement Ring..

$598.00 $1,450.00
Buy Red Diamond Spooky Skull Engagement Ring Wedding Band Set Matching Promise Rings at affordable Price. Get Best Bonanza Ring Online for Unisex.
Sold by Bonanza

1.71 Ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engag..

$3,127.41 $3,159.00
Expertly crafted in 18-karat white gold, the ring showcases a 1.04 carat fancy yellow cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a double halo of colorless round cut diamonds in micro pave setting. The split shank with colorless diamonds and high polish finish complete a design. The center stone has been treated to enhance its beauty.
Sold by Bonanza

VVS1 White & Black Diamond 14k White Gol..

Buy VVS1 White & Black Diamond 14k White Gold Fn 925 Silver Wedding Bridal Ring Set at affordable Price. Get Best Bonanza Ring Online for women.
Sold by Bonanza

Top Great Engagement Rings Styles

Festivals, family celebrations are always special especially when it is an engagement or the wedding itself.  There are now so many designs for the Diamond Engagement Rings that you might be confused and mesmerised about choosing the best out of the best. It also depends upon what style the consumer wants depending on their mood, choices and the imagination of wearing a certain kind of designed Jewelry or the Ring for the ceremony. 
It also very much important to keep in mind while you are searching for the best rings for engagement because best things are seen at best places only. 
The best Online Jewelry Stores In New York for buy a great designed engagement rings and for in person with best quality and warranty can be get from Kay Jewelrs Store
Here, you can get variety and quality of the engagement rings of your preferred choices under your budget. 
Kay jewelry store does not only do business but also guide customers to how to choose and find best diamond rings and engagement rings to be fully satisfied. 

The Most Popular Engagement Rings Styles

Below are the most popular and engagement ring that are mostly buyed and loved:
1. Solitaire - They are any piece of jewelry with a single diamond used for occasions like anniversaries or the engagement ceremony. 
2. Gemstone -   They are the best suited engagement rings for men and are mostly made in gold or topaz.
3. Halo - It encircles a centre gemstone in collection of round neck pave diamonds that suites you according to your personality when you wear on your big day. 
4. Vintage -   A new Vintage Ring style to look like an older era ring that is why it is named vintage keeping in mind the cultural and traditional aspect.   

Kay Jewelry store are available in the market near you and also on digital platform where you can buy the Custom Engagement Ring Online of your choice, need at reasonable price. 

For men, Blue diamond ring is best suited. There is also a traditional and custom belief that engagement rings are believed to be wear on the ring finger of the left hand as it contains a vein that leads to heart making the bond between the couple more stronger and more real. 

One Ceremony Many Metal Rings 

There are just not diamonds that engagement rings styles are made and designed in, there are more sets made with different metal types. 
Below are the few which are highly used in the market:

1. Platinum:  Heavy, natural, strong and hypoallergic. The most stunning and expensive jewelry metal with 95 percent of purity and shining effects that are mostly loved by women and are gifted as a surprise for the ceremony by their partner in crime and better half. 

2. Silver -   One of the most economical metal which helps you have best ring style underlining your budget when you choose to be happy and simple over showing off. 

3. Titanium -    Darker in color and also lighter than weight.  More strong and durable than gold.  This metal is also under your budget and can be a beautiful surprise as well. 

4. Steel - Environmentally conscious and 100 percent recyclable. A very much-loved metal by the couples when it comes to engagement ceremony.  It is also not much expensive and are beautiful at the party. 

5. White Gold - If you increase your budget, you will get mixture of metals all in one.  Yellow gold, copper, zinc and nickel are used and are given extra boost to your metal from rhodium. It is four times worth than platinum. So, if you really want, you need to tight up your pocket. 

6. Rose Gold – More are in demand and comes in different style, aspects and choice.  It is more in demand in brides as it more fashion forward and warmer and more romantic that is why it also comes in different shape, color and sizes. 

Rose gold engagement rings are also on popular note and are in demand everywhere and every time. As there are many catalogues made for different styles but people mostly choose rose gold over others as rose is also a symbol of love and when it comes to giving your better half a beautiful surprise no matter what the budget is, then you should must go for rose gold rings. Having said that, this beautiful ring comes with more different style that you should be aware of it. 

Talking below about the 2 most stunning rose gold diamonds engagement rings:

1. Bevills rose gold – this most delicate ring style found in combination of rose gold and white gold sparkle that you will love to buy and wear lifetime as it is a morganite stone which means “divine love”.  They have more variety and comes in solitaire with more color touched to the Diamond Engagement Rings and of course the head turner of the ceremony catching all the attention for its grace and charm. 
2. Michael Hill -   The halo diamond set in white gold with peachy pink touch is a not just a choice but must go for engagement ring as this surely brightens and catches every eye at the ceremony revealing your inner beauty personality.  Made not in just morganite but also with Rhodonite granite with purple color touch which surely the in demand and unique ring style. 

Kay store jewelry has categorically put jewelry designed according to the ceremony or the gift or the mood.  From bridal set to women, men bands, anniversaries, engagement, wedding and of course you don’t need a certain tag to gift your loved ones especially you’re a partner. We have all sets of designs, styles your Unique Engagement Rings under your budget so that you can enjoy our effort and our beautiful services.  You just only need to name the design and we will bring the best out of best for you with no any raising complaints and question. We thoroughly believe in giving best and satisfying our customer with full dedication of pure work and honesty.  We understand you and the big day 
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