How To Choose Edwardian Diamond Rings - A Brief History

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How To Choose Edwardian Diamond Rings - A Brief History

Classy, Chic, Trendy And Unique – The Elegant Edwardian Rings

Let us now lovingly take you into a journey, back in time – an epic of the Edwardian saga, a path that would be tantalizing enough for you to style up at your wedding. We shall now take this moment to discuss the classically styled wedding and engagement routine because love is forever and it is always ‘in the air’. Through educating you on this forum, we hope to conquer your hearts – so full of love; with the minute points on choosing the right Edwardian Diamond Engagement Ring for your journey towards holy matrimony. Please read on and be well-informed, the life-altering positive event needs to make a statement and a splash. Let the journey begin Weddings are between two families, but most importantly between two souls. A time-honored the occasion, or you could say the ‘rite of passage’ engagements and weddings are the beginning towards bringing in a new family altogether. The ceremony and process should be honored with utmost honesty and elan, and hence if you do feel the need to voice out your thoughts please feel free to do so, we shall be obliged. 

A Real Classy Touch

Smart grooms in the world of smart technology are the norm these days – choosing an Edwardian Engagement Ring would thus be the style statement for the dapper loving man. He is a man who knows how to woo and floor his would-be fiancé and hence would think along the lines of royalty, elegance, and grace. These are vintage bands that bring in the holy saga and the classic touches to an event so graceful and virtuous. The groom thus would want to make the event a little ‘extra-special’; he would want his beau to have something quirky and special which she can flaunt and show off – especially to her BFF’s.

Buying An Edwardian Ring

Not easy to find and not around that easy to procure; Buy Edwardian Fine Diamond Rings are tough to shop for, should you plan to check at the local brick and mortar jewelry store. Searching online would be the best bet because the online world would throw open to you a myriad of options and styles; rarely found elsewhere.  Dealing with sales online for Edwardian rings wouldn’t be a tough cookie to crumble – no pushy salespeople to deal with and no overhead costs to bear as well– meditate on your needs and click the option to choose and shop from, it is that simple and easy.

When picking up Diamond Engagement Rings, diamonds are the most preferred stones any woman would desire to have on her dainty fingers. However, let’s try and understand why are diamonds forever. Marilyn Monroe may have sung the song, but it is a fact – diamonds indeed are a girl's best friend. They are valuable and commonly used as an embellishment for weddings and engagement jewelry. Here’s why diamonds are most-preferred! Diamonds are prized, very high, Diamonds cannot be destroyed, A diamond can scratch a diamond – nothing else can, Diamonds make statements, Diamonds are forever, they last a lifetime and more – generations to follow, An engagement ring with one diamond is the best to buy. 

Type Of Rings That Diamonds Best Suit

Not all rings are adept to look chic and trendy with diamonds as embellishments on them – only a few from the many do. It all depends on the needs and tastes that you may have, the preferences too, which would determine the ring type for the diamond, suitability pangs that is. However, if you look at Edwardian rings, they have been around for centuries, and with an interesting past too – diamonds suit them the best.

What Is An Edwardian Engagement Ring?

If you haven’t seen what an Edwardian ring looks like – you should google it up and check the beauty out. The first thought that would come to your mind would be “WOW”. The ring is a beauty and one would do anything to have it. Now thinking on these lines, you would want to have this epic beauty on your beau’s fingers, a blast from the past with dazzling grace and style, why not?

The Edwardian Era Engagement Ring was also referred to by many as the ‘beautiful era’. The Edwardian Cluster Engagement Ring got its name and origination from the Edwardian Era, after King Edward VII. It wasn’t only the jewelry and accents that were breathtaking during this time, but the fashion sense and clothing range too was a rage. It was a time for the rich with money to splurge away, to be extravagant in their purchases. The Edwardian time was a fashionable time period, a time when jewelers didn’t look the modern touches for patterns and forms of jewelry making, but on the traditional patterns in most cases – intricate and very chic. In most cases, the Edwardian rings resembled the honorary glitz and glam of the lattice-style, and patterns. The lattice style was usually engraved into the band, entirely, and the crown too was dolled up.

The intricate detailing was so well-pronounced that every Edwardian ring was unique and one-of-a-kind to choose from. It is thus impossible to have replicas of the original Edwardian rings that once was on the beautiful fingers of many lasses back then. Creating band sets thus was a charm, a dedication to best. Thanks to the modern day advancements of jewelry making, these days jewelers have their ways to emulate and create the age-old saga of Edwardian engagement rings like never before. These are rings that have been coupled with the best matching bands for a wedding, and brides thus are floored when the wedding and engagement sets are presented to them.

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