How to Match a Wedding Ring with your Engagement Ring

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Matching Engagement Ring With Wedding Rings

Your special one proposed to you and you are on top of the world, the occasions for furthering of the relationship has started and the search for Perfect Engagement and Wedding Ring has started. You are one of those very few would-be ones who want to wear both the engagement and wedding ring on the same finger and you both as couples do not want to remove the engagement ring so as to life-long cherish and adorn both the occasions.

We can find that in many regions in the world, the wearing of two or three rings together in the same finger is very common like in the country Scandinavia, where a woman wears three rings in one ring finger, each to celebrate the beautiful aspect of engagement, marriage, and motherhood.

Pairing and designing both the wedding and engagement ring is an onerous task given the budgetary limits, the design and stone engraving/studying factor, the ring styles, looks and complimenting of metallic textures and this process can be called as stacking. Stacking of wedding band with Engagement Rings can be done by mixing metals and diamond stones of various colors and coats.

As opposed to normal ring purchase, the scheme of pairing two sets of rings is to be undertaken by well-known and experienced jewelers by offering services of customization and jewelry making/designing in a complimented and phased manner.

The key and elemental aspect here is to create a cohesive and well-stacked pair of bands in various varying combinations of ring and band styles either through layering or even soldering. The aspect of soldering is highly emerging to permanently seal both the Wedding Band and the engagement ring together so as to create a unified thrilling look. Additionally, the benefit of soldering is that it enables either of the rings to not to slip off from the finger, avoids rubbing against each other, avoids causing of damage to either of the two rings by breakage of center stone or losing of an outer coat of the ring through scratches.

Generally, the best style is to pair a classic solitaire ring with the metal band either with a gap between the both or stacking the same with each other with no gaps. Additionally, some styles of stacking would include a closely-fitted wedding band to enable the engagement ring sit firm and flush, making use of contoured wedding rings to accommodate the curvature of the engagement ring, notched wedding rings as highly straight to allow both the rings to fit together like puzzle pieces, the combination of contoured as well as notched to get an extended shape of the elaborate gemstone studded, V-shaped wishbone rings, matched bridal sets, etc.

Numerous jewelers are bringing out various designs in the theme of vintage styled, modern and contemporary and stand out designs, fresh and organic or even color inspired matched and complementary set of rings.

Some notable examples would include Halo Engagement Rings with a pave set stones rose gold band, around the halo sterling silver ring with a platinum three stone diamond studded ring, a two stone white gold ring with a palladium band, a simple sterling silver solitaire diamond ring with a contoured platinum white band, etc.  

Also, many numerous couples opt for the aspect of customization or bespoke jewelry to get the perfect fit the intricate aspects of Matching Wedding Band with the engagement ring, to get a minimum gap between both the rings, making the ring more flush fit, etc.

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