The New Era Of Split Shank Engagement Ring

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Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring A Dazzling Alternative

Split Shank Halo can be the best choice for your engagement ring. Choosing Best Diamond Engagement Rings can be something difficult to do. There are many things that you should consider not only about the stones or diamonds but also the materials and ring settings. The stones or diamonds, you probably have understood about them. There are kinds of diamonds or gemstones that you can choose. You can have white diamonds or other colors, such as pink or black diamonds.
You can have gemstones, such as snappier or emerald. What about materials? There are many materials that can be had to be your ring settings. Vintage Gold Engagement Rings and White Gold Engagement Ring are the traditional materials that are usually used more than centuries. Or you can have materials that will make your engagement rings look more sophisticated, such as platinum and titanium. The next thing will be ring settings. There are many ring settings that you can have and one of them is split-shank engagement rings settings.

Popular Style Of Engagement Ring

Many of us don’t really understand what Engagement Rings Split Shank is. This ring setting has a split in the shank or the band. It can have more than one split. This ring can be decorated with the diamonds or stones or just be simple and plain but having a large central stone in it. There are many types of split shank types that you can have. Basically, these styles are based on how they present the diamonds. And one favorite type of split shank engagement rings is a classic Solitaire Diamond Ring. This type will show off the diamonds, so they will look suspended on the finger. That is why the metal or material of this type of diamond ring is more like a frame to the diamonds. You can also have another type of split shank engagement rings, which is Marquise Cut Diamond of split shank.

If you are not satisfied enough with the first type, you can try to have marquise cut diamond of split shank. This type usually has three segment rings and the middle segment is usually going under the diamond. You can also have multi-segment for this type. It will be needed small diamonds to make multi-segment split shank and the best materials for this ring set are platinum and palladium. It is because this type needs a strong frame to make it.

Another Split Shank Diamond Ring that you can also have is Split Shank Halo. This type can be made more than two segment ring. Halo or cushion diamond cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts to choose. So if you like to have Split Shank Halo Diamond cuts and also split-shank engagement rings styles, then you should choose this style.

No matter what kind of Split Shank Engagement Rings that you want to have for your engagement ring, make sure that it has the right size. If the size doesn’t fit with your fiance’s finger, then you have to make it over again. This will make you waste not only your money but also the time. Although if you want to make a surprise proposal make sure that you have already known the finger size of your fiance. So the engagement ring will be not wasted. Halo Rings Can Be The Best Engagement Rings That You Should Have. This moment only happens once in your lifetime, so why don’t you get only the best too, such as halo cut rings.
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