Vintage Style Engagement Ring Buyers Guide

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Vintage Style Engagement Ring Buyers Guide

The Era And Style Of Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect Vintage Style Engagement Ring doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and confusing experience. I’ve narrowed the process down to the things that worked for me and my husband when we were doing our search through vintage style engagement rings around the world. Whether you are a man hoping to surprise your fiancée with the perfect ring that fits, or you’re a woman planning to shop for the ring with your fiancée, I hope it helps you with your own shopping experience!

Look At Your Budget

If you have a budget from the start, it can help the jeweler to show you Unique Style Engagement Rings that are in your price range. Prices are often negotiable. The old adage that a man must spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring is nothing more than a relic from an advertising campaign by the De Beers company during the 1940′s.

But remember if you’re choosing one to surprise your fiancée with, she will appreciate the loveliest ring you can afford – not starting your life together in debt or not having enough money for a great honeymoon! If you’re shopping for a vintage style engagement ring, you can spend anything between less than $200 to over $5,000. Where to Look for Vintage Style Engagement Rings Antique stores Jewelers Local estate sales Auction houses online websites – a great way to start your search and see what’s out there. It’s important of course to check that the websites you browse are reputable and trustworthy. 

Pawn shops Minimising Risk when Buying: If you’re a novice buyer, it’s best to stick to jewelers and antique jewelry specialists, who will be able to guide you in your purchase. In any case, look for reputable sellers. Look carefully at the descriptions of each vintage style engagement ring. The jeweler or supplier should be able to give you a complete description in writing, which includes age, size, condition, color, carat, clarity, and cut. Ideally, you will be able to get certified gemologists to report. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – my husband and I found that most suppliers were more than happy to go through the details with us. And of course, it’s essential to know the return policy.

Sizing Of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

If you’re planning a surprise ring, find a ring that your fiancée isn’t wearing, and take it to the jeweler to be measured. Go for a vintage-inspired engagement ring size that is no more than two (American) sizes larger or smaller than your ring size. It can be very expensive to re-size a ring, so try to avoid that.

Quality Of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Different standards of quality applied to diamonds in past times, and it’s worth considering this carefully when looking at vintage style engagement rings. Because of technology differences, diamonds had a different cut and internal flaws could not be assessed in the same way they are now. However the diamonds in antique rings are usually of higher quality, and the value of the ring appreciates more due to the intricate and unique detail of the prongs and settings.

Think About The Personality And Style

There’s a whole range of different periods represented by vintage style engagement rings – and there’s sure to be one that suits the style and personality of you or your fiancéeIf the ring is for an outgoing person who will enjoy showing off her ring, I’d advise you to go for a Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring that really makes a statement, with lots of sparkles. 1930s or 40s vintage style engagement rings are great if you’re on a budget but want a large-appearing, shiny diamond: the elaborately carved setting used in the bands helps to create this effect. If on the other hand, the woman to wear the ring is a more ‘earthy’ type, who is minimalistic in her style, look out for understated, simple and elegant rings, like the dainty platinum Edwardian vintage engagement rings, from the period 1890 to 1910.

These rings often include beautiful scroll work on the band. For a ring set in yellow or rose gold, Victorian-era vintage style engagement rings – from 1835 to 1900 – are a good choice. The mine cut that is typical of this period includes an extra row of diamonds at the bottom of the stone. If you or your future spouse prefer gemstones rather than diamonds, an Art Deco (1920 to 1930) Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring could be just the thing. These rings are often platinum and influenced in style by Asian and Egyptian artists.

Think About How The Ring will be Worn

Consider if the person to wear the vintage style engagement ring is a more active person, maybe with a very ‘hands-on’ job, such as a nurse. If so, you’ll need a ring that’s not too delicate. Prong settings are less desirable in these cases, and a bezel setting is better for lifestyles that involve more wear and tear. For a complete look at the settings of different vintage style engagement rings.

Craftsmanship Of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Examine the craftsmanship carefully. An older ring will usually have much more quality and character than a ring that is merely a replica of an old ring. You’ll be considering the usual jewelry factors when shopping for your vintage style engagement ring: cut, color, clarity, carat, and cost. These factors can be balanced based on your individual needs.

Cut – look for an Antique Style Engagement Ring that is cut by hand. An advantage of older stones is that they look more unique. Look for clarity of the stone – the fewer flaws and the clearer the stone, the more valuable the ring is. Find a color that suits the taste of your future spouse. For example, rose, green or yellow tinted diamonds used to be more desirable than the bright white that is coveted today, so you will often find these in vintage style engagement rings. Compare the carats – the carat measures the size of the stone.

However, note that if you’re going on carat weight alone, you’ll find some vintage stones to look a lot bigger than you’d expect, because the diameter is emphasized over depth in vintage style engagement rings. Settings of 20th-century engagement rings were often used to make a smaller diamond look larger.

Check Authenticity Of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

If you’re looking at Edwardian vintage style engagement rings, inspired by the period 1900-1920., note that if the ring is not platinum, it is not a true Edwardian ring.  If you’re looking at an ‘estate’ vintage style engagement ring, watch out that it is not simply a modern reproduction appearing to be from the 1920s.

Check For Durability Of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

In our search for a vintage style engagement ring, I learned that the more durable ones have lower carat numbers because there is less actual gold in the ring – gold is a very soft metal. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a diamond and carat size of only one of them. Also think about the kinds of gems and stones that are included in the ring, as that will impact on the wearability and durability. Remember that diamonds weren’t always the most popular stone for engagement bands. Other stones were often used in vintage style engagement rings: e.g. emerald, pearl, and opal, and these may have internal cracks or be easily damaged. Many Victorian vintage style engagement rings include pearls as well as diamonds, which are not recommended for everyday wear.

Look For Rarity

As well as the 5 ‘C’s, with vintage style engagement rings, you need to think about rarity, as this will affect the long-term value of the ring. An independent assessment will be able to help with this.

Insurance And Long-Term Care

I’d advise you to get the ring insured. You can use a Home-owner’s/Renter’s Insurance – but make sure the ring will be covered – or an Actual Value Policy or Replacement Insurance Policy. Make sure you check the policy rules in detail – for example, a homeowners/renter’s insurance is unlikely to cover a ring that has been dropped down the toilet! Once you’ve chosen and purchased your vintage style engagement ring, make sure you get it checked by a trusted jeweler once every six months. This is to ensure that none of the stones have come loose. If you suspect this has happened, get it checked right away.

Good Luck Choosing Your Vintage Style Engagement Ring 

these rings are a wonderful choice because they are so unique and carry a lot of history and character. Hopefully, my buying guide will help you find the ring that’s just right to symbolize your love and devotion.
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