How to Start Your Luxury Watch Collection

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To Create A Luxury Watch Collection

Tick tock on the clock watches constantly give the sense and measure of time, a metallic piece to track and come to know of the time elapsed or to come by.

Wearing and showcasing of watches started around the 14th century as a mechanical device just to have a track of time on a person’s wrist. This concept has now come a long way to evolve to the sphere of various kinds of watches like an analog watch, digital watch, chronograph watch, dress watch, diving watch, quartz, luxury watch, etc. Watches have become a statement of style and personal exhibition of net worth. A symbol of milestone achievement to splurge on in terms of Luxury Watches.

Luxury watches are those Types of Watches bought by watch collectors and connoisseurs for magnificent appeal in the form of great craftsmanship and exemplary precision.

Under the aspect of luxury watches, history has that the Sotheby’s sold one of the most expensive watches in the history of the world in 1919 a watch named the Patek Philippe Supercomplication Pocket Watch for USD 11,002,500.

Before jotting onto your first Purchase of Luxury Watches, care to craft a budget, an outer limit up to which to spend on each piece and also to come to know of some of the most cosmetic and sophisticated watch designs are offered by Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philipe, Blancpain, Chopard, Rolex, etc., and coming to know of their style offerings and pricing ranges can be very advantageous. These brands under various types of watches offer bejeweled and precious metals used watches to get a pricy and exquisite collection to start with.

The watch pieces offered by each of these luxury brands are one-of-a-kind and has innate resale investment value. Many luxury watches come with exquisite stones and diamonds like sapphires, rubies, etc. as well as are made of precious metals like gold-rose and white, platinum, sterling silver, etc. offering themselves as great investments in terms of its resale ability in future. For this, proper valuation of the metal and stones of the watch can be undertaken from a jewelry expert of a reputed jeweler. 

Additionally, only purchase that kind of watches that give out warranty and guarantee of its use and stone/metal aspects and care to get a card or certificate for the same. 

Diamond District Block is an online one-stop jewelry and watches shopping paradise trusted and used by scores of reputed jewelry and watchmakers in the world as a digital platform to list and sell their watch and jewelry offerings in a secure and streamlined manner. We offer to Sell Luxury Watches and jewelry on sale in a competitive pricing scheme through E-Cart and E-store facility and for the same we provide secured and fool-proof payment gateways like Pay Pal Paytm and flexible payment options like Debit/Credit Cards, etc.

Further, the delivery logistics of the jewelry and watch items sold by us are stealth free with the packaging of the product offerings being highly robust and break/tamper proof. We at Diamond District Block also offer after sales feedback service in the form of 24*7 online chat facility to clear any doubt or grievance of the watch or jewelry purchaser. 

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