All You Need to Know for Art Deco-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

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All You Need to Know for Art Deco-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

Choosing an Edwardian Engagement Ring For Your Fiancee

Edwardian engagement rings are certainly special rings. These rings are Vintage Engagement Rings that originally became popular during the Edwardian period from 1901-1910 amongst royalty. The Edwardian design makes use of expensive such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

The rings are known to have an elaborate design and illustrate the social status of the person wearing the ring. It’s important to note that these rings typically revolve around one theme: Romance. With that said, the rings typically demonstrate optimism and youth in marriage.

History of Edwardian Engagement Rings 

The Edwardian Engagement Ring era started long back, could be dated back to 1901, when Edvard VII became the King of England. King Edvard VII and his beautiful wife Alexandra were the fashionable leaders of the Belle Epoque. Engagement rings of this time are better to know as the Edwardian Engagement rings and these rings were cast mainly in platinum or white gold.

Edwardian Engagement Ring era dint stops with the death of King Edward in 1910, but it continued as far as the World War I in terms of jewelry design terms. As I told the Edwardian Engagement rings made preferred to be cast on platinum or White Gold Engagement Ring, and a white on white design was much in vogue these days. Platinum was not much used before to craft jewelry, but with the invention of an oxyacetylene torch, the scenario changed. Platinum was used more than before and became the vogue metal for Antique Engagement Rings.

This marked a new era in jewelry, we could find various pieces out in those times crafted in lacy and pierced shapes, scrollwork, Milgraining and filigree detail on the mountings. Edwardian Engagement Rings era saw much use of rose cut diamonds and brilliant sapphires. There are lot Filigree Engagement Ring designs of those times featuring designs that bring in bows, flowers or birds on either side of the center diamond. Edwardian Engagement rings, not leaving any jewelry designs of the Edwardian Engagement rings era are elegant to any extent and romantic. Also, the Edwardian fashion is best known for employing elaborate names and details– the combination of rings designed an imaginative and prescient of the beautiful stone standing in the lace. No wonder the Edwardian Engagement rings are still in demand. Good that these styles are much easy to find and not really expensive as you think to be.

Edwardian Engagement Rings Styles

The Edwardian style is usually flamboyant while staying traditional. As you’ll soon find out, these rings are very unique in comparison to other rings. Here are some features you’re going to find an Edwardian engagement rings. Multiple accent stones.Images on the ring like birds, flowers, vines, hearts, etc… Anything that could symbolize love or romance.Antique and traditional styling. You’ll see very simple diamond shapes such as round stones. You typically will not find semi-precious gemstones like sapphires and rubies. White gold, silver, and platinum are almost always used. Milgrain edges that add texture to the ring’s metal.

It’s important to view these rings as a piece of art. These rings were worn by royalty and therefore are known for their distinct style and elaborate design. Vintage and Modern Edwardian Rings As Vintage Style Engagement Rings continue to become popular, the demand for vintage Edwardian rings has risen. Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to find a ring that is truly vintage from this time period thanks to there being a limited supply.

Therefore, a lot of couples turn to buy modern Edwardian engagement rings thanks to their accessibility and lower prices. It’s important to note that there are a few differences between modern and vintage Edwardian rings.  For example, the modern rings have much more precise diamond cuts. This means the modern rings shine a lot more than the vintage ones. Furthermore, these diamonds are going to be colorless unlike the vintage rings, which typically had a tint to their diamonds.

One thing that remains the same though is the detail and quality of the rings. There are definitely some pros and cons to buying a modern Vs. a vintage ring. What type of ring you like more is for you to decide.

Victorian Engagement Rings

Victorian Engagement Ring times stretch from 1835-1900. The earlier times of the Victorian engagement rings were made of clusters of small diamonds and other precious stones.

This was that large diamonds were not much available and by 1870, this scenario changed with the opening of the first diamond mines in America and the newly arrived wealth of the Industrial Revolution. From this time on, larger diamonds were available for jewelry and more preferred, though smaller ones in cluster or groups were available as well. With the coming of bigger diamonds, the ones who could afford one would really go for a big stone studded on a delicate Victorian setting. Also, many of the Victorian settings featured diamonds held in rose, cut with an extra facet in the bottom. Victorian times also held precious pearls in most of their ring designs, but these were not much preferred on a daily basis but for special occasions.

The openings of mines in America really changes the stone types and settings of the Victorian jewelry times by about halfway. Owning a big stoned diamonds were not really affordable for all, but the ones who had it was obviously the elites of the times. Few Antique Victorian Rings and the romantic jewelry contained words like “Regard” or “Dearest” in colored stones such as emerald, amethyst, topaz, and ruby, really popular as the Victorian Engagement Rings. The past tells us that Queen Victoria wore a serpent engagement ring, the serpent was thought to bring in luck and an icon to symbolize eternity.

It was in 1886 the Tiffany brought in the classic Tiffany six-prong diamond solitaire, Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring which was worn on the third finger of the left hand. The Victorian engagement rings mostly contained a single diamond belted, one diamond of the highest value, which counts the generosity and capability of the giver, to be worn by his betrothed to the ring finger of the right hand.

Buying Edwardian Rings

Unfortunately authentic and Vintage Edwardian Engagement Rings can be hard to find. If you’re looking for one of these rings, you’ll need to find an estate sale or buy the ring from someone’s private collection. There are also antique jewelry retailers who can help you locate antique Edwardian rings. Of course, you’re going to have to pay a fee to them though! Fortunately, modern Edwardian rings are much easier to find. Essentially any place that sells engagement rings will have some great Edwardian style designs. I recommend looking online at the different types and styles you can get because your selection might be limited if you go to the store. Because the Edwardian ring is a specialized ring, not all stores may have the selection that’s available to you online. As for prices, they vary greatly depending on the age, quality, and detail of the piece. Vintage pieces are going to cost anywhere from $6,0000 to $12,000. On the other hand, modern Edwardian rings can be found for $1,000 to $5,000.

What Metals are Best for Edwardian Style Rings?

While the saga of the Edwardian period was on, metals used for the engagement rings back then were sanctifying the spirit of the Edwardian quintessential style – platinum as a metal was the most preferred around. Why platinum? Thanks to its durabilityVersatile in its own wayPlacing pearls and diamonds on platinum was much easier back thenInvisible embellishments on engagement rings were fashionable statements back then very less metal was needed to secure the gem used for the Edwardian ringPlatinum-gold combos were a hot item back in the days of the Edwardian sagaWhat are the Best Gemstones for these Settings?

Diamonds and pearls were always the best and the most commonly used gems in the Edwardian engagement rings back then, but these days, one could choose pearls, diamonds, rubies, opals and more or any gem they wish to have on their rings. For the lovers of the true quintessential Edwardian romance, the style and statement would still be pearls or diamonds with a white hue for the show. With diamonds, the stone has to be ‘rose-cut’ or what is popularly known as ‘mine cut’. For gems, on the other hand, it would be the color and style; most opt for the creamy opal shades or the sapphire shades. The price is right Now that you have made up your mind to invest in an Edwardian ring, you should prepare to shell out a few hundred if not more for the same. The range of prices can be anything from $3,500 to $4,500, say Edwardian ring experts. However, if your pocket doesn’t allow the same or if you would like to pick chic, trendy and Unique Engagement Rings for cheap – look online for an answer.

The actual cost of an engagement ring would depend on various factors, namely; The cut of the gemstone, The ring’s setting, The grade of the gem The size of the ring. If you can afford to splurge and money is not a factor while picking up an engagement ring, think Edwardian to woo your lady-love. Some rings fetch a whopping $15,000 and more– but if you are on a very limited budget, and would still want to have a ‘pricey engagement ring’ – check online and you would find a range of stores selling cheaper Edwardian rings for engagements and weddings.

Buying them online

When you choose to propose to her, there are many options for you to purchase from. You may at you choose to have her involved in the ring buying process, or you may choose to do it on your own and in a traditional manner– stop by at a brick and mortar jewelry store and pick an Edwardian ring. However, buying them from local stores wouldn’t be possible, since most wouldn’t have them ready for sale. So where do you find or buy the ‘perfect Edwardian wedding ring’, if not from a local store? If not at a local store, check the pawn store and shops that house vintage Edwardian engagement rings. It is very possible for you to get good deals, and pawn shops are the best places to search for such rings.

You should also check with your beau if she would be comfortable wearing an Edwardian or a vintage engagement ring– not all are comfortable with a ‘previously worn and owned’ engagement ring. If that’s the case, looking at pawn shops then would be a NO-NO! For the quintessential beauties to own – searching for Edwardian engagement rings which aren’t locally sourced would be the best, hence check online for them. Searching for the best Edwardian ring online is not a tough job, there are plenty of retail stores that can help you and would be happy to do so – remember, they have no overhead costs and pushy salesmen to irk your spirit off.

Tips on buying Edwardian Engagement Ring

When making a purchase online, there are two most important things to bear in mind; The return policy, andWarranty
Before buying, it would be wise to do a little homework and research on the company, the seller of the Edwardian engagement ring and what clients of the past have to say about the portal or the company they shopped from. The same would go for brick and mortar jewelry outlets as well. Shopping using your CREDIT CARD would be the best thing to do – insurance on charges that cost more than $50 would be given. Diamond District Block is the mecca of shoppers, and also an amazing place for you to shop for quintessential jewelry and accessories that aren’t found easily around. Check the site well and you would be floored with the number of rings that are on sale – weddings, engagements, bands and more. The return policies per product or item are clearly mentioned, and even the affiliate sites are verified to be true. 

Why invest in an expensive Edwardian ring?

A good question to ask! But dishing out a bomb for the Edwardian engagement rings and investing in them brings in a lot of benefits. For one, they are highly valuable and very unique. The intricacy of the designs and the charming ways of the Edwardian rings would beat the glitz and glamour of other rings around. Finally, you want your beau to make a statement and to steal the show on your engagement right? Hence, no questions asked; if you have the money, why not invest in a ring that would last for generations as a family heirloom.

How to modern day interpretation talks about Edwardian rings

For centuries now, the Edwardian engagement rings have been intricately designed and maintained, with the modern-day touches involved in them. It is actually the placement and the cut of the gems and diamonds in such ring settings which makes all the difference. Modern cuts include; The Step cut The Brilliant cut The Mixed cut The Cushion cut Right from the days of the Edwardian epic time period, to now – Edwardian rings have always had the quirky ‘mine cut’ as a statement. Some have even evolved to suit the European taste and style, however, it didn’t last long as a wedding or engagement fashion statement.

What can be expected?

Style wise – the Edwardian Engagement Rings Gold is all about intricacy and charming grace – so what should one expect? Laurel wreaths Flowers Bows Scrolls It is the uniqueness that would matter the most when looking for an Edwardian ring. And, you would definitely have a lot to check out on. Please remember, the Edwardian engagement ring a fantasy to own for many, can be a very costly affair to deal with when the buying is spoken off. However, when telling your lady-love how much you treasure her as your wife-to-be, the price would stand no chance in comparison. Sure to impress, the Edwardian engagement ring with its modern-day touches and the vintage band recreation is what everyone wants to have. Think about what we have just said, and the journey you took with us – make the engagement if possible a priceless one! Your Turn So is the Edwardian engagement ring the right one? That’s obviously for you to decide, but I personally love its symbolism for romance.
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