How to Match a Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring

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How to Match a Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring

Sometimes, it becomes harder to match a wedding ring with your engagement ring. Since it is difficult to match but not impossible. There are so many ways which can help you to find the correct Match of a Wedding Ring with your Engagement Ring.   

It is the common concern of most of the customers that IIs the Wedding Ring sits Perfectly With the Engagement Ring? If your wedding ring does flush with the engagement ring, do not worry, there are some tricks through which you can remove your obstacles.

If your engagement ring is fancy, complex and more elongated then your wedding ring should be of different custom design.

There are a Couple of Ways of Doing this:

 A Contour Wedding Ring: This Type of Wedding Rings is the most popular style of fitted rings. It has a curve which always follows the side of the engagement ring. When the wedding ring is worn after the line of engagement ring it looks fantastic, elegant, and beautiful.

A Notch Wedding Ring: This is a simple straight wedding ring with a notch and allows engagement ring to sit perfectly against the wedding ring.

There is a possibility that some styles may require the combination of both the contour and notch ring to achieve a perfect beautiful close fit. And to match your wedding ring with the engagement ring you should check your size of the engagement ring and bandwidth of the ring.

The most important thing you should know that your engagement ring and wedding ring do not have to be made of matching metal colors. If you have a White Gold Platinum Ring and a yellow gold engagement ring then it looks beautiful. If you want vintage styles of the rings then it is also ok. Most of the women do not like the gap between the two rings. Because it does not look good. This is not mandatory that the two rings should of same shape or size. You can solve this problem by getting different bands of different size and style.

If your Engagement Ring consists of the large gemstone, or especially with the shape of marquise and pear, it may be a good idea to get a contoured Wedding Ring. By choosing this idea your wedding ring will be visible in that gap also. So, try to wear your wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand with the engagement ring above it.

Some bride selects a plain platinum band if their Engagement Ring is more fancy and decorative so that both the rings look perfect. Wedding rings should always be placed at the bottom of the same finger. The reason behind this is that the wedding ring is known for the eternal love and should be closer to the wearer's heart.

If you want to match your wedding ring with the engagement ring perfectly, then you can also choose a plain band because a plain band is a classic, traditional and beautiful. And if you Choose the Plain Wedding Band with the diamond then it will be a perfect match for your engagement ring.

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