Should Mens Engagement Rings Be Gold or Platinum

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Should Mens Engagement Rings Be Gold or Platinum

Men's Engagement Rings Are Gold or Platinum

As going towards modernization, digital world and women empowerment more men are getting marriage proposals and it makes it obvious that Men's Engagement Rings are in popular demand by the couples in the market.

there are numerous choices of Men's Engagement Rings in the market, whether its a Wedding Band or Engagement Ring the choice of metal depends on various factors


which color of metal you prefer, both platinum and gold are equally appealing on the outer look, platinum has a silver shiny grey finish which is gaining popularity day by day, on the other hand, gold comes in color choices as white gold , rose gold, yellow gold depending on the other metals it is mixed with , gold is very soft metal and can be used as jewelry in its purest form so some alloys are mixed with it to make it solid to hold on the jewel or its shape itself , platinum comes only in one color and is 100 percent pure as it is a hard and dense metal, if u are someone who wants a color choice then platinum isn't your thing.


Men's Engagement Rings Be Gold or Platinum


choice of metal

metal choice depends on two factors, obviously the color and the second factor is how often you use your hands, do you have a sitting job or a job which requires working from your hands a lot,  gold is a little sensitive even after mixing alloys than platinum, platinum is known for its hard scratch preventing surface and can bare a lot of stress without losing its shine and shape, gold on the other side can be sensitive to environmental stress as well and can get scratches and dents very easily if there is a lot of work involved and can lead to replacement or repolishing time to time if exploited, but if u are going for 14k gold then it can bare scratches better than platinum, but one thing to consider is that 14k even if its better at scratches and dents is not that pure. whenever gold is been scratched it loses its gold but that doesn't go with platinum if platinum is scratched it shifts within the metal and never losses itself which is also looks good and develops a finish called patina finish, which gives it an antique look.


platinum is slightly costly than gold as it is a rarer metal and is also dense ,that means a bigger looking ring will cost you more for the same size that it was with gold, but some people like gold more than platinum even if there isn't a budget constraint, because gold is considered traditional and is been used in various cultures since ages, gold also have some health benefits to the human body if u are not allergic with this metal-metal


some people have metal allergies, that means they are allergic to several or one metal which cause them to a rash or any uneasyness while wearing or getting near to that metal, many people have a allergic reaction to gold and have faced problems and some have got benfitted with this metal , on the other hand,d platinum comes with no allergic reaction nor any sort of  health benefit to look for, but for the people who have metal allergies platinum is the perfect choice for them 

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