What Is The Best Color For A Diamond?

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Best Diamond Color to Buy

The color is the most amazing factor in diamonds to attract people.

It is usually found in colorless diamonds and not in natural yellow, pink, blue, etc. in looks, fancy-colored diamonds.

True colorless diamonds are rare to find as they are not available in nature and they have a yellow tint.

Best Diamond Color

sliding scale to  arrange it into 5 groups:

D-F (Colorless):


D's (the highest grade)

colorless and extremely rare.

 E and F are considered colorless (rare to find)

There is no visual difference between these diamonds.

G-J (Near Colorless):


A slight undertone of yellow can be detected by an expert gemologist.


K-M (Faint):


A yellow color is more noticeable at this point.

online retailers usually don’t target to sell diamonds for engagement rings low that of a K.

N-R (Very Light):


Very noticeable yellow tint and looks like a poor quality diamond even to an untrained eye.

S-Z (Light):


Colour has a brown tint in this size. People usually don’t wanna wear them and are less in numbers.

Diamond Color Comparisons

The diamonds are turned into upside down position because the color is more visible this way. It's actually very difficult to tell color differences kept diamonds face-up.

When a diamond is mounted on a ring, people will only notice be it from the face-up side.

Here's what you're looking at:

The diamonds in the top row are D-F, or colorless, diamonds. You shouldn't see any yellow in the interior. Any yellowness you see around the edges is due to purely external factors like lighting or reflections off the photographer.
The second row is G-I or near colorless diamonds. This is the range we recommend for the best value for your money.

The bottom row is graded J and K. While J is still available in near-colorless" situation. The diamonds of this range are not safe to buy.


Are Colorless Diamonds Worth The Premium?

Colorless diamonds (D, E, F) are priced according to their availability that how rare they are. D diamonds are completely colorless, whereas  F diamonds have tiny trace amounts of color only seen by an experienced in practice gemologist. But people like us can’t recognize the difference.
Especially since diamonds on rings are only admired face-up and reflect light back into the viewer's eyes.

Why G-I Gives The Most Bang For Your Buck

Now we make it clear as you not being too much friendly with types of diamonds clarity. It’s the best way for it to consult the trust worth to expert jewelers for it. Prices differ according to and fro increases or decrease of colors alone.

Tip: If you're buying from an Online Diamond Store without photos and feel REALLY unsure, G-H is a safe bet.

 You'll pay more, without being confident about it. That is why we recommend you to be open-minded and not be so blind to trust anyone for this purchase.

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