Fancy Designer Diamond Rings

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Fancy Designer Diamond Rings

All About Fancy Designer Diamond Rings

Flying scores of Diamond Jewelry is a plenty to dazzle and bring a sense of awe-inspiring mystique in the form of rings, especially to be worn and adorned on the occasion of wedding or engagement of people.

The accretion in disposable incomes has brought about a tinge of aristocracy and grandeur spending in the form of engagement, wedding and promise ring as a source of an individual and luxury style statement, a high-end emotion to appeal and wear, an association with a thought or religious cult, a personal message or inscription, etc.

Customized and bespoke jewelry making is the mark of the rich and affluent people to get a designed engraving and stone studding of favorite choice to exhibit and showcase the same with exuberance and high glee.

The essential aspect of Designer Diamond Jewelry is the use of top graded and quality diamonds, especially the highly rare and most sought after colorless ones and the usage of high and intricate craftsmanship & jewelry designing capabilities to create an exquisite offering or a diamond ring.

Additionally, the aspect of making use of diamonds for rings becomes very cardinal as it is one of the hardest substance found on earth with no scope for deterioration, high investment and future resale value to imitate its longevity properties into the wearing of the ring.

Following mentioned are some of the must-know things about Purchasing a Fancy Designer Diamond Ring:

  • Settings and Styles: The furbished diamonds to be studied to create an intricately designed ring can be chosen to have many Types of Stone Settings like side-stone rings, halo rings, three-stone rings, gemstone rings, multi-stone, cluster, claw, etc., all latest and mod to go for any occasion. Some recent high styled rings would include the types of ring makings in the pattern of wavery Diamond Ring, petite twisted vine diamond ring, ballad diamond ring, antique and neo-vintage styles, nature-inspired rings in color hues of green and blue, snake skinny ring, celestial ring, heritage fleur diamond ring, 18 karats white gold yellow diamond ring, vintage Ashoka diamond ring, comet ring, grace blue topaz, the Caribbean appetite ring, etc.

The most common and highly sought after Ring Settings in the world would include the prong and solitaire setting, the bezel setting, the tension setting, the tension style setting, the channel setting, the pave setting, the halo and the cathedral setting, bar setting, and flush setting, etc.

  • Four Cs: Before jotting on to the final Type of Diamond Ring to be given to make or purchase, the information regarding the four Cs of jewelry purchase, namely cut, clarity, color, and carat weight become imperative. The cut is the way a rough  diamond is given shape to form a final cutting and shape and some popular all time well to go cuts would include radiant, marquise, cushion, emerald cut, Asscher cut, round cut, princess cut, heart cut, pear cut, oval, cabochon, rose cut, etc. The clarity aspect of diamond ring purchase is the quality of the diamond in the form of existence of blemishes and other imperfections as a hindrance to its shine and sparkle. It is that the more the number of diamond imperfections in the form of blemishes, the lesser the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond to shine and give luster. The Color aspect constitutes of the degree of the hue of any shade of color to give a vivid and remarkable look to the diamond-studded in the ring. The GIA of the USA is the nodal body to grade diamonds in five categories namely the colorless, being the most sought after and expensive one, near colorless, faint color, very light color and the light color ones. And finally, the carat is the weight of diamonds in terms of measurement of 200 milligrams.
  • Certifications: Before choosing a particular jewelry brand, care to get to know the number of years of its repute in the jewelry market and the availability of certified and hallmarked bulk diamonds/gemstones to be used for jewelry making.  Only purchase those diamonds which are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society Laboratories, International Gemological Institute and Gemological Science International. These are the nodal bodies who are entrusted with the responsibility of Grading Diamonds. ​​​​​​
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