The Ultimate Ring Styles Guide

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The Ultimate Ring Styles Guide

 The masses are bored with the classic, vintage styled traditional scope of rings, the air is for high experimentation of different Types of Ring Styles in terms of metal types, stones studding, engravings and customization. Brides to be are no longer happy with the simple aspects of a ring but desire the requirement of high-end modish and individual style statement designs to reflect and showcase their personal designs, prestige, emotion, brand appeal, and affordability. With the accretion in better disposable incomes, people are no longer hesitant to splurge in high-end and premium ring jewelry designs.

In this millennial age of high fashion sense, some of the bestselling settings and styles of wedding and engagement rings would include off-kilter, trillion cut diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds, two-stone settings, multiple bands, grey diamonds, etc.

Listed below are some of the Top and Upcoming Ring Styles to watch out for:

  • Pear-cut stone shaped rings: Pear Cut shaped rings are highly popular with celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and is highly emulated by various brides around the world as a very inexpensive and mod ring style setting. The Pear-Shaped Wedding or Engagement Rings are a combination of round cut and marquise shaped rings with a tapered and sharp point towards one end of the stone point.
  • Marquise Cut Diamonds: Marquise or the football/boat/eye shaped-cut diamonds with a shape of elliptical with pointed ends having 58 facets giving a very dazzling and eye sparkling look. History states of the word marquise to mean a hereditary rank above a count and below a duke in olden times who used to wear these diamonds as a symbol of showing off to the world of their rank position. Highly emerging to be famous, these Marquise Cut Diamonds are worn by celebrities like Ashley Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Trillion Cut Diamonds: Trillion or Trielle Cut diamonds are those types of diamond cuts having fifty facets with three pointed tips. Also called as the modified shape of the brilliant cuts, this type of diamond cut was highly popular in the nineties, now to resurface as an alternative fashion cut styles for wedding and engagement rings.
  • East-West Styles: East-west ring styles for wedding and engagement rings feature a diamond or gemstone flipped across 45 degrees to lay horizontally to emit a very high sparkle and luster. These days these rings are coming with sideway sparkler diamonds to add a very elongated shape to the finger.
  • Ring Stacks: A type of soldering and stacking 2 or three different rings together to get a wholesome ensemble of high sparkle and elegance. If you have more than one ring thin and suitable to flush fit with each other, all in a single finger, then a Stack of Beautiful Rings is formed. Many women have accumulated numerous types of rings to mix and match and if some of them are worn singly, then the look would not be so appealing, so the idea of wearing it all together came across to pass by and used.
  • Geometric Cuts: Inspired and based on the mathematical study of angles, proportions and other measurements, the shape of the diamond studding is a rigid tetrahedral crystal structure to give maximum optical reflection and refraction. This type of cut is considered to be highly sophisticated and extent, opted by rich and affluent buyers.

Some top examples of World Famous Ring Styles offered by the renowned  jewelers listed on our platform are adele chefridi rosebud cushion solitaire ring, otem offset diamond ring, 18 karat gold hammered shank ring with inverted emerald cut center diamond and two inverted step cut side stones, jade trau free bird ring, lauren b jewelry leopzzo of 1.60 CT pear shaped two tone engagement ring, eva fehren faceted pear ring,  digby and iona salt and pepper kira ring, vrai and oro trillion diamond ring, katkim highland ring, nora kogan calliope ring, tacori pear shaped diamond ring in rose gold, Angelina rose cut diamond ring in 18 karats yellow gold, anita ko marquis cut diamond ring, lizzie mandler marquise overlap ring, kitkam marquise crescendo pave ring, from the apres jewelry the nova ring hexagon cut, the Monique pean White Diamond and Black Gautemalan Jade ring, the Jemma wynne prive luxe diamond ring, tate union white diamond ring, wwake one of a kind large old European diamond ring, diamond nexus montreal asscher cut diamond rings, eva fehren the ezzat ring, the ILA Etoile Ring, bliss lau gold illuminate ring, spinelli kilcollin libra ring, barrio neal custom grey diamond cluster ring, Melissa joy manning hexagonal sapphire slice ring, anna Sheffield cushion hazeline ring in white gold and grey diamonds, etc.  

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