How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

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How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Guide To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

It’s been around 12 years of your marriage and your next anniversary date is coming and you are witnessing the world over drastic changes in jewelry styles of high fashion and mod demeanor. The engagement ring you purchased is indeed classic and intact of its shimmer and shine, but time has passed long years, new mix and match styles of engagement rings and bands have plagued the jewelry market to enthrall anyone’s eye and you feel like going in for an Engagement Ring Upgrade.

The initial engagement ring you had bought is a bit elaborate and bejeweled with multi-colored stones of varying shapes, something in the antique style to cherish and value, but not so high in relevancy and style for competing with today’s fashion.

Highly elegant and simplistic Trend of Ring Jewelry is in to cater to the extent and contemporary aspirations of new age woman in terms of engagement and wedding bands, princess cut/Asscher cut and pear-shaped/three stone/double halo diamond rings, etc.  

Scores of reputed jewelers offer the customized services of upgrading of your engagement ring as per your desire to accommodate any type of stone-cut or carat, any type of metal and its finish and any type of setting or style to exceed your Engagement Ring Style expectations and bring in a beautifully engraved and designed better version of your engagement ring.

Primarily, this exercise can get drain your emotional and financial resources and so for the same, it’s recommended to allow a budget. You can find that once you start visiting a jeweler and he starts to give you ideas of up gradation of your engagement ring with numerous types of stone sand styles to choose from, its other aspects like cut, clarity, color and carat weight, you tend to get confused of the overall style and appeal to be opted well within your financial means.

Then an extensive appraisal process is undertaken to create or alter the shape and size of your existing ring, measurements, stone shape, engravings, etc. For this, many jewelers make use of Computer Aided Designing (CAD) to create a prototype of the better version of your ring and to make any slight alterations as required by you. This imitation is then approved of by you and inserted with the stone and metal of your choice to get a better and updated version of your Engagement Ring, ready to be gleefully flaunted and exhibited to the world.  

The choices are aplenty and this up gradation can vary by choosing to go for a plain metal band in sterling silver or rose gold. Ring enhancers can also be used to fit around the original ring and make a wholesome complimentary pair of blended rings.

A new center stone of sapphire instead of diamonds, emeralds studding replacing a Pearl Engagement Ring, a pave band for an old simple classic band, a two or tri-tone ring with contrasting metallic accents, infusion of geometric and hexagonal halos, soldering your one engagement with another some old ring to make a stacked band, plating the old engagement ring with rose gold plating, using one simple large morganite diamond to replace the classic diamond, chevron shapes, black rhodium, replacing the round cut to assure or pear cut diamonds, old ring setting of semi-bezel to a flush or milligrained pave setting, addition of an inscription to the engagement bands like ogham inscriptions, inserting other engraved stones,  making use of gold plating or gold vermeil for contrasting coats as an additive variation to the existing ring, using oval cut diamonds instead of cushion cut diamonds, replacing the traditional solitaire with a ruby or even a lab-created inexpensive  set of colored diamonds, etc. can all be used as ideas to Beautifully Upgrade your Engagement Ring.

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