What You Need To Know About Edwardian Style Engagement Rings

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Choosing an Edwardian Engagement Ring

Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings had been most popular during the Edwardian Period (big surprise) – it was an era of overstated lavishness in both jewelry and fashion. Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings focused mainly on romantic imagery with delicately detailed settings. Edwardian Engagement Rings frequently had been created with platinum as the malleability from the metal improved and also the invention of the oxyacetylene torch created it quicker and simpler to manufacture. Edwardian Wedding Rings were romantic, intricate and delicate. Elaborate filigree patterns imparted a lacy appearance that was both stunning and elegant.

Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings were the height of fashion between 1901 and 1920. These rings were originally made from silver, but that proved too soft. Gold was also used occasionally, but platinum won out as the material of choice. Edwardian Engagement Rings have a really distinctive design that places them worlds apart from any other antique rings. Not only was there an almost exclusive use of platinum, sometimes white gold or silver – as opposed to gold, but the design and…… style of the Edwardian Antique Engagement Ring’s romantic scrollwork such as vines and hearts woven into intricate styles with birds, flowers, and bows, was an immediate hit with the ladies of the time.

Contemporary to Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings were the Art Deco Engagement Rings, but these rings were manufactured by machines and had a more streamlined geometric look. Edwardian Engagement Rings won the day because they have a classical and elegant feel to them. The gemstones used in Edwardian Engagement Rings are many and varied. A perennial favorite is a sapphire – there is just something intriguing about that intense blue on top of the silver setting. Another favorite for Edwardian Engagement Rings were rubies. Next to diamonds, sapphire and rubies are the most durable stones for jewelry.
Buy Designer Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings particularly embrace the romanticism and beauty of that era. An antique Edwardian Engagement Ring is a very special, unique piece to share with your partner to remember your love. Edwardian Engagement Rings are sometimes also called Vintage engagement rings. If you are interested in the difference, here is a resource on Vintage Engagement RingsEdwardian Antique Engagement Rings have fine filigree work and delicate styles that were not designed for much wear-and-tear. These fragile settings will have become even more delicate as time passes and it is usually a good idea to have them checked by a jeweler at least once every 3 years. It is also advisable to wear your Edwardian Engagement Rings alone on the finger, with the wedding band on the opposite hand.

Below Is A Short Story On Edwardian Engagement Rings

Antique jewelry does require special attention, maintenance, and cleaning. It cannot take the rough and tumble of dishwashing, accidental trips in pockets through washing machines or a day of painting. Edwardian Unique Engagement Rings usually had styles which were based on nature. Gemstones would be set to appear like a flower growing amid vines or leaves. Stones, called accent stones, would surround the entire surface of the ring, often incorporated in the sides and the complete band together with intricate patterns.
In actual fact, the Edwardian Filigree Engagement Rings were considered to be diminutive works of art. Edwardian Antique Rings usually become heirlooms. They have that classic beauty and elegance that will stand the test of time. If they are still popular 100 years later, I think the chances are your great-granddaughter will one day wear that same ring, and thank you for the excellent choice you made today.
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