Consider These Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Rings

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Consider These Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Rings

All About Titanium Wedding Rings

The wedding date has been set, a location has been booked and preparations for the big day has begun. In this would include Jewelry Shopping for Wedding/Engagement Rings and for the purpose of jewelry making, the sure shot choice of many would-be couples is making use of gold or platinum or sterling silver by reason of its popularity, rareness of availability and lustrous shine and durability factors.

While these come under the top choices, some other metals are present to act as excellent alternatives to these highly costly metals, like the metal titanium.

The metal titanium is a lustrous transition seventh most abundant metal on earth of very high durability and strength offering an outer shine of silver coating and color. The primal aspect of this metal is that jewelry made of titanium offers the advantage of being resistant to corrosion, with the very low requirement for maintenance as expenses, very light in weight and density to offer ease of wear, does not cause any bacterial allergy, hypoallergenic, etc.

Generally, wedding and engagement rings made of titanium elude a light white and grey color as coating on the exterior, but coming in trend are also Black Titanium Wedding Rings as a powerful alternative for wedding rings, which are made by putting ions and silicon dioxide into heat to get a coat of black and silvery black color.

Listed are some of the advantages of making use of titanium metal for wedding rings:

  • Anti-allergenic: The Property of Titanium Wedding Rings is that the wearer will get any type of microbial allergy or any kind of skin irritation for use for long years of time.
  • Low Maintenance: The outer coating of titanium wedding rings are not subject to easy tamper and scratch, even for those who are very active in physical outdoor workouts. Especially men prefer this type of wedding rings the requirement for constant coating and finish is done away with, to withstand its finish and coat for long years to come.
  • Under the Budget: The titanium metal used for making wedding bands are not so hard to come by and is not a rare metal. Ample availability of this metal makes it a very inexpensive and robust alternative of wedding bands. In comparison to other precious metals like gold, platinum and sterling silver, titanium wedding rings are priced very much under an average budget.
  • Resistant to corrosion: Another very good property of metal titanium for making use in wedding jewelry making is that Titanium Wedding Rings are Anti-Corrosive when coming in contact with seawater, high-chlorine pool water or even nitro-hydrochloric acid, so no tension of its long-term value degradation in terms of its coating and appearance.
  • Very High Durability: Titanium wedding rings are purchased as wedding rings choices as a one-time and long-term investment with no degradation in value in terms of durability. As the metal titanium used for Making Wedding Bands are 99% full metal with no mixing of any other metals, the quality aspect for the same is very sturdy and not easily breakable. Further, titanium wedding bands also have the very high strength to weight ratios to add to the robust durability factor.
  • No color fade: Another very elemental aspect of titanium wedding rings is that their shade and color clarity does not fade and diminish over the long term rough usage, to remain intact and shine fervently.
  • Very low environmental impact and a poor conductor of heat: The purchase of titanium wedding rings ensures very minimal environmental impact, a value-added the aspect to consider while considering metal choices for purchasing wedding rings. Also, titanium as a metal is a very poor conductor of heat and thus will not get hot or get heated up when in direct contact with any source of heat.

Listed are some of the disadvantages of making use of titanium metal for wedding rings:

  • Matte Finish: One of the negative aspects of making use of Titanium for Wedding Rings is that it offers a matte and not a normal texture and finish. Some may like and some may not like it, to replace it any other alternative metal.
  • Cannot accommodate prong settings: Another very elemental aspect of titanium wedding rings is that they cannot accommodate prong settings for making any kind of wedding ring.
  • Not much of resale value: As the metal titanium is not rare and is hugely available, the resale value of titanium wedding rings is not much and is low.
  • Very difficult to fit and design: The intrinsic structure of metal titanium is very rigid and inflexible to solder and do designing wonders, and thus the design offerings of titanium wedding rings are very limited.
  • High Making Charges: this very aspect of the rigidity of the metal makes the designing and crafting of Titanium Wedding Ring very difficult and cumbersome. Some jewelry tools may even get broken in the process of the same.
  •  Very difficult to fit and remove: The fitting aspect of titanium wedding rings are very rigid, and once a person’s finger fit is given, it becomes unalterable. Also, titanium wedding rings are very difficult to cut off in case emergency and very hard to resize them back to the original shape.
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