Men's Wedding Rings Guide

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Men's Wedding Rings Guide

All About Men’s Wedding Rings

Gone are those days when men used to be content with limited versions of wedding rings in terms of color, sizes, designs, engravings, etc.  The new age man, with hefty disposable income, is willing to experiment as well as splurge on Custom-Made Men’s Rings. Men no longer attain value to their wedding ring in terms of only sentimental value, but as well as it’s a means of the individual style statement, an exhibition of class and luxury, an affiliation towards a pattern of thinking/idea, etc.

Worldwide jewelers are also equipping themselves with regard to the rising demand for more new age and contemporary wedding ring styles for men and are adding jewelry craftsmen to make and design very extant men’s wedding rings.  

Following are some key points as a Guide to Purchasing Men’s Wedding Ring:

  • Ring size: The selection of the right ring size is very important to enable to get a perfect fit. When trying on between two sizes of one small and one large, go for the larger one, especially in terms of a wider band. Ensure to try the ring size only when the body temperature is optimally such that the finger is not inflated or deflated when it’s too hot or too cold. Further, try to sample the ring wear at the end of the day only as that is the time when the body will be in its optimal temperature. Also, opt for wider rings, as wider rings give the benefit of comfort and ease of fit. Additionally, men can make use of free ring sizes, and other online tools to ascertain their right sizes.
  • Ring Style: This 21st  Century is replete with extravagant and out of the box wedding ring styles for men to include plain and classic, contemporary and new age or even engraved ones like a pet name, would-be name, a quote, a thought etc.  Additionally, some other types of wedding ring bands would be ranging from the classic court, called as a court ring or traditional court ring to exhibit a very rounded exterior, D-shaped Rings, a slimmer version of classic court ring with a flat interior, flat rings, to sit comfortably on the entire surface of the Men’s Wedding Band, etc.
  • Finish: Just like ladies, Wedding Rings for Men also come in various versions and finish depending upon the requirement of them to exhibit masculinity in varying degrees in terms of color hue and shade. Some popular types of finish for men are fine polished, matte, an amalgamation of both and hammered. Depending upon the requirement for public display of the wedding ring, men can choose any type of finish. Generally, Matte finish is not preferred by many men, as it tends to dull down the impact of the metallic color of the ring.
  • Band Width: The general rule for men’s wedding ring is that the bandwidth should be 4 mm or wider and sometimes a narrow measure of 3/2.5 mm rings can also opt.
  • Ring Metal:  Men also have numerous metals to choose from in terms of durability, cost aspect, maintenance, the comfort of wear, etc. The sure shot popular choice is gold, platinum, and sterling silver. But, emerging these days as a choice for Men’s Wedding Ring are also metals like titanium, tungsten, copper, palladium, etc. also very sturdy and robust and available for a far lesser costing proposition.​​​​​​
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