Finding The Best Wedding Ring Design

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Finding The Best Wedding Ring Design

Why Wedding Rings are worn on the left hand and other culture 

Wedding Rings

The importance of Wedding Rings For Women And Men is undeniable as almost every couple wear Diamond Wedding Rings. Around the world, the trend is set to wear wedding rings. It is true that wedding rings are having a symbolic value to its credit because these rings stand for love of the couple. On the day of the wedding, rings are exchanged between the couple ensuring their marriage, love, commitments, respect, and honor for each other. 
Now, the thing is why Designer Wedding Rings For Women are worn on the left hand and other culture.  For this, we have to glance at the history that what belief they ancient people carry because of which in today’s time people are wearing in the left hand or in right hand. Back to the ancient times, Egypt is known as the birthplace of rings. Not Egypt itself, the times has to skip more backward Neanderthals were the one who ties twigs around the wrist of the bride ensuring her soul would be intact. After this a hundred year later, the Egyptians again started. This time rings were made from the materials like leather, ivory, and hemp. After some time they discovered the metal transformation for rings. They added to the credit of wedding rings symbolism. They made to wear the ring on the ring finger of the left hand as they say that there is a vein in the ring finger that is connected directly with heart. The wedding ring is supposed to wear on that finger as it makes the bond strong. 

The Difference Between Wearing Wedding Rings

With the urbanization, people are forgetting their roots and Traditions Wedding Rings For Women And Men. They are now least bothered about what the elders say. They do what they like. But still, in some of the things like marriages, the rituals and customs are considered. 
The wearing of the ring depends on the custom of the country. As the countries like Germany and Netherlands and the other countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Hungary, Colombia, Cuba, Peru and Venezuela wear wedding rings on right hand whereas majorly the English speaking native countries like  Australia, Canada, Botswana, Egypt, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and most of the Asian countries wear wedding ring in left hand. The trend of wearing the ring in the left hand in these countries came at the starting of the 18th century. 
The countries India and Sri-Lanka both are having a different way of wearing Womens Wedding Rings. In these countries, the bride wears the wedding ring in the ring finger of left hand whereas the groom wears the ring on the right hand in the ring finger. 
As far as we have seen there is no such exact rule for the wearing of the Anniversary And Wedding Rings For Men And Women. As per the tradition of their country, the wedding rings are worn.  Most of the country people wear rings on the left hand as per the traditional beliefs. There is no as such difference in wearing but just traditional belief is attached to this. 

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