Why Vintage Wedding Ring So Popular

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Why Vintage Wedding Ring So Popular

Vintage Wedding Rings - How to Spot the Difference Styles and Eras

When my husband and I decided to get married last year, he wanted to be sure to get me a ring that would be unique and unforgettable. Vintage wedding rings fit the bill – they’re both beautiful and original. They’re not what you might think – unlike antique rings, they aren’t necessarily a ring passed down through the generations, where you run the risk of a stone coming loose, losing its shine, or the setting wearing out.

Vintage Wedding Rings take elements of antique rings and add aspects of modern design to create a stunning effect. They can use actual stones or settings from the original rings, or be created entirely anew, simply using the inspiration of older styles. The term ‘vintage wedding ring’ can be used by jewelers to mean different things. It can simply mean ‘an old ring’, or it can mean a ring made to look like it was from another era. For a ring to be truly ‘antique’ it has to be over 50 years old.  Here’s why vintage wedding rings are so popular at the moment.

Artistic and Creative

If you want to make a statement with a wedding ring that isn’t like everyone else’s, and that will give you joy for years to come with its creative and unique style, choose a Unique Style Wedding Ring. There are so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your personality and taste.

Timeless Appeal of Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage wedding rings have history and character, which is a beautiful thing when giving a symbol of lifelong love. Vintage wedding rings are instant heirlooms – their style has already proven to be of long-lasting appeal and so they’re a worthwhile investment.

The durability of Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage wedding rings that are designed and made anew from antique elements, tend to be very durable. If you care for them well, most vintage wedding rings can be worn on an everyday basis. With the proper care, most vintage wedding jewelry is fit for everyday wear. Craftsmanship and Quality of Vintage Style Wedding Ring Often vintage wedding rings boast superior craftsmanship. The quality of the diamonds tends to be higher, and the value of the wedding ring increases as the setting detail is often more intricate and unique.

Cost-effective Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage Wedding Rings Sets come in a large range of prices, so it’s easy to find the one that suits your budget. Vintage Wedding Rings are More Ecologically Sound Antique Wedding Rings are more and more popular with environmentally minded couples. It’s important to recognize that with every diamond there is a social and environmental cost. If you buy a vintage wedding ring with a diamond mined before 1880, you can rest assured that it was extracted before large-scale mining operations, which have had a heavy ethical and environmental impact. At the simplest level, buying a vintage wedding ring is an effort towards recycling materials and reducing dependence on mining pollution.

Lots of Period Styles to Choose From

There’s something for everyone in the different periods represented by Vintage Womens Wedding Bands: Art Deco Vintage Wedding Rings I love the delicate filigree and hand-engraved style of the Art Deco platinum style, inspired by the 1920′s  1930′s period. The art deco style wedding ring has been very popular in the last couple of years. These vintage wedding rings have intricate details to complement their streamlined look. They often have colorful, contrasting gemstones, but the classic ring from this period is platinum and packed with diamonds.

Victorian Vintage Wedding Rings

If you’re looking for something really romantic, Victorian Vintage Wedding Rings, inspired by the period  1835-1900, are a beautiful find. They tend to be finely wrought wedding bands in rose gold or silver – either totally plain or pressed with intricate eternity designs. They are often more difficult to come across but it’s not impossible. These vintage wedding rings are often set in yellow or rose gold. New inventions in technology between 1890 and 1910 meant that platinum became fashionable as a metal for antique wedding rings, and this period gave rise to some stunningly feminine and luxurious designs. This period of vintage wedding rings involves rose-cut diamonds and brilliant sapphires, lacy, pierced shapes, scrollwork, and filigree detail. If you’re after elegance and daintiness, you’ll love Edwardian vintage wedding rings.

Retro/Mid-Century Vintage Wedding Rings

Your mother or grandmother’s rings would be from this period – 1935-1960 – which may give these vintage wedding rings a nostalgic appeal for you. The diamonds are set in such a way as to appear larger and more square. Estate Vintage Wedding Rings Post 1960′s wedding rings vary from 1970s cluster rings to 1980s marquise solitaires, most being in yellow gold.
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