Engagement Ring Styles For Women

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JUDITH RIPKA Sanibel Faceted Canary Crys..

Sanibel Island's captivating beaches and lush greenery inspire designs created with sun-drenched canary crystal and verdant green quartz.
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JUDITH RIPKA Amalfi Double Pear Shape Ro..

JUDITH RIPKA Amalfi Double Pear Shape Rose Cut Blue Quartz & Hematite Doublet Bypass Ring With White Topaz Accents at affordable Price. Get Best Judith Ripka Ring Online for women.
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Judith Ripka "Lila" Asscher Ring, Size 7

Judith Ripka "Lila" Asscher Ring, Size 7 at affordable Price. Get Best Judith Ripka Ring Online for women.
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JUDITH RIPKA Santorini White Topaz Multi..

The Santorini Collection is inspired by the tranquility of the island's iconic white architecture offset by the blue sea and twinkling evening lights.
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Judith Ripka "Flora" Matching Oval Bypas..

$696.00 $892.00
Get the Buy Judith Ripka "Flora" Matching Oval Bypass Ring with Pave Band Diamond at affordable Price. Get Best Judith Ripka Ring Online for women.
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Mens Wedding Band Women's Trio Ring Set ..

$598.00 $143.00
Buy Mens Wedding Band Women's Trio Ring Set 14k White Gold GP 925 Silver Sim Diamond at affordable Price. Get Best Bonanza Ring Online for women.
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Red Diamond Spooky Skull Engagement Ring..

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Buy Red Diamond Spooky Skull Engagement Ring Wedding Band Set Matching Promise Rings at affordable Price. Get Best Bonanza Ring Online for Unisex.
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1.71 Ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engag..

$3,127.41 $3,159.00
Expertly crafted in 18-karat white gold, the ring showcases a 1.04 carat fancy yellow cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a double halo of colorless round cut diamonds in micro pave setting. The split shank with colorless diamonds and high polish finish complete a design. The center stone has been treated to enhance its beauty.
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VVS1 White & Black Diamond 14k White Gol..

Buy VVS1 White & Black Diamond 14k White Gold Fn 925 Silver Wedding Bridal Ring Set at affordable Price. Get Best Bonanza Ring Online for women.
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Engagement Ring Styles For Women

Differenet Styles Of Engagement Rings For Women

There has never been a more glorious and glamorous time for fine jewelry. With the advent of high technology in this modern age, man has acquired an appreciation for the finer things in life. He will not settle for just dime-a-dozen jewelry. Rather, he has a preference for fine jewelry that beautifully stands out when worn and effectively communicates his stature. The high price tag associated with handcrafted designer Online Engagement Ring has become a premium well worth every penny spent because of its originality, creativity, and artisanship.

The beauty of Designer Engagement Rings lies in the jeweler's unique style, attention to fine detail, innovative use of precious metals, gemstones, and other new materials, and exceptional hand craftsmanship. Some of the present day’s most popular contemporary jewelry designers have created the most beautiful and amazing diamond rings. These jewelry designers strongly reflect the individual personality, style, and values of the artisan behind each one.

The most loved and best-selling pieces of Unique Engagement Rings. The day of proposal is just as celebrated as the big wedding day. Each of these momentous occasions is symbolized with a diamond or gemstone ring. Proposals are best expressed through designer engagement rings that match the bride-to-be's unique taste and personality. Today's designer jewelry includes designer engagement rings that range from vintage and classic to the more modern and cutting-edge designs. The goal is to provide the perfect designer engagement ring for every kind of bride, utilizing only the finest quality diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals combined with exceptional craftsmanship.

Designer engagement rings come in a variety of gemstone options. For centuries, diamonds have always been the gemstone of preference when it comes to Customized Engagement Rings. There is just nothing that comes close to the colorless sparkle of the glorious diamond, apart from the fact that diamonds are the hardest gemstone in the world. In the past two years, there has been a steady rise in demand for more unconventional designer engagement rings, particularly those that use colored gemstones as the center stone. In the recent years, a number of female Hollywood celebrities namely, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Simpson, and Carrie Underwood, have all received designer engagement rings that featured a colored gemstone. This trend in designer engagement rings has spilled over to other articles of fine designer jewelry to include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and even hair accessories.

The beauty of designer jewelry will continue to capture the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts all around the globe as exceptionally talented jewelers innovate and create new designs using a centuries-old art form.

The Common Style For Engagement Ring For Women

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire is the most popular style in Solitaire Engagement Rings. This typical design features a single stone, ideally a diamond set by four or six prongs on a simple platinum or gold band.  Today even colored gemstones are being used instead of diamonds.  For this style of ring, you can either go for the narrow bands that make the centre stone look bigger in size, or you can opt for thicker bands to ensure the engraved details are readily visible.
Engagement Rings For Women

Halo Engagement Ring

A Halo Engagement Ring is the one in which a center stone is surrounded by other small diamonds making it look extra sparkly and divine.  Just as the crowned king is surrounded by his countrymen.  The central stone is bigger than the surrounded stone; the latter enhances the grace and look of former, making it look more prominent. The halo ring is the modern update taken on the solitaires. The centre stone you can select in any shape like being pear-shaped or oval diamonds, square stones or colored gemstones like blue sapphires or rubies.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Like the Custom Designed Engagement Ring, the three stoned ring, with a centre diamond with two similar diamonds on the other side. You can also chose a different colored stone for the centre and border it with smaller diamonds. The three-stone rings represent the past, present and future of the relation. Round and the princess cut stones are most common choice for the centre stone for this type of rings. Usually the two side stones of the ring are chosen in such a manner that they have half carat value than to the central stone. 

Side-Stone Engagement Ring

Very similar to the three-stone Engagement Ring For Women, the side stone does not restrict the number of the stones to three. Side stone rings feature a center diamond flanked by two or more comparatively smaller diamonds on either side of it. Side stone rings look more glorified and bright because of the additional diamonds bordering the central stone. They enhance the look of the central stone by making it look more distinct, bigger and shinier!

Split Shank Engagement Ring

A split shank design is such that it splits as it approaches the center stone. This is one of the latest designs for the engagement ring. The best part is oval and elongated cuts of stone also suit this design.  
You can also Buy Engagement Rings Online and split shank designs to make your engagement ring quite distinctive and unique.

Bridal Sets

A bridal or wedding set consist of many piece. Starting with an engagement ring and a Wedding Band that complements each other. To the perfect neck pieces and earrings all form a part of bridal jewelry set. Usually the engagement and the wedding rings are bought together so that they match and complement each other, because finding a perfect match is otherwise difficult. Therefore, the bridal set ensures that both the rings fit perfectly together. Also, a bridal set is also often coordinated with the groom's wedding ring.

When you have successfully chosen a perfect life partner, then choosing the perfect jewelry is not that difficult.
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