The Beauty Within the Platinum Engagement Ring

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The Beauty Within the Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum Rings For Engagement

Getting engaged can be such an exciting time of life for any man or woman. The more stunning the ring, the more excitement it will add to the event of the engagement. Platinum Engagement Rings are increasingly getting more popularized with the progresses in time, and for those who are especially dedicated to their special one and the ever-lasting quality of their relationship with them, the cost of the platinum rings are well worth what it affords.

One thing to be kept in mind once you have decided on platinum engagement rings is that they are not pocket-friendly by any means. It shall not be hard to find rings that are half the price of the platinum engagement rings that you come across. Some platinum rings may cost a little less than the Solitaire Diamond Rings, or Engagement rings with name, but certainly the product quality of such platinum rings will not be up to the mark.

Most platinum Unique Engagement Rings have embellished diamonds, but according to the famous quote “Exceptions are always there”. For instance, rubies are also commonly used in platinum rings as are emeralds. Even if you do decide to pick the traditional diamond engagement ring with a platinum encasing, pink diamonds and yellow diamonds are on the up and up as well and are becoming a bit more affordable as time passes.
If you are ready to take that jump and buy a platinum engagement ring for women for the special lady of your life, online searching may be of a little help to you. You may even be able to get your Customized Engagement Rings made with the type of setting you want and the diamond that you specifically choose.

Do Your Research Before You Buy

If you are not having your ring specifically designed or Personalized Engagement Rings, there are some things that you ought to consider before you actually put money down on the table to the jewelers and make a purchase. If you come across a platinum engagement ring in which the diamond or the metal has not yet been graded, it is a good idea to make sure to get it graded and certified first. If you don't care about cut, quality, or clarity then there is no reason to worry about it, but spending so much money on a piece of jewelry calls for at least some guarantee of the value of the piece.

When selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring of your choice, apart from finding the perfect diamond, your first thought is the kind of a band and design you want. While the metal options are usually white, yellow and rose gold, the platinum engagement ring has recently emerged as an extremely popular choice among young couples around the world.

Why is Platinum a New First Choice in Engagement Rings?

  • Platinum is now the latest symbol of success and prestige - the world's new gold.
  • Platinum is usually naturally white in appearance but isn't as shiny as white gold, which makes it the perfect metal to highlight the brilliance and sparkle of your Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring.
  • Given the natural whiteness, there tends to be minimal maintenance to retain that color over the span of years.
  • Platinum is extraordinarily strong, which makes it a very secure home for your diamond. Since you will wear your ring every day, you want the metal to be strong enough to last a lifetime. And this is one ring material that will rarely need work like re-shanking or reinforcement!
  • Of all the metals in the world, platinum (and gold) represents marriage - it is a symbol of the enduring nature of your love, a commitment for life.
  • Platinum does not cause any skin allergies and irritation, so for the people who have sensitive skin, platinum is the best option.

Platinum Ring Bearers Are An Exclusive Group

We all want to look unique or a mark above the rest and anyone wearing a platinum Custom Designed Engagement Ring is exactly that because you are part of a small and exclusive group. Possibly you're wondering why? Because platinum is a rare metal – quite a number of times more rare than gold - and you are among the premium few who possess a platinum ring. And doesn't that make you feel so incredibly special?

As always, the rarer the metal, the more expensive and coveted it is. And considering platinum's rarity, its purity (typically 95%), and its position as a worldwide status symbol, it comes as no surprise that platinum rings are in huge demand!

Things to Remember While Choosing Your Platinum Engagement Ring

  • Platinum Engagement Rings For Women cost more because of their purity and density (weight). Find out how pure your platinum ring is, because the price will be closely related. Confirm this by checking for the hallmark (stamp) on your ring.
  • Consider your own individual style alongside how active your lifestyle is when choosing your ring's band and setting - something delicate isn't an ideal choice if you have a very active, high-impact lifestyle!
  • If you're having a platinum ring made, bear in mind that special tools have to be used and this will factor into your making charges.
  • Over time, platinum develops a patina of wear. While some consider this a desirable look, you can always revert to the previous shine with a round of polishing.

At the end of the day, it comes down to one thing - everyone wants the best, especially when it comes to a lifelong symbol like an Engagement Ring. And there's nothing like platinum to give you that incredible feeling of uniqueness.
Platinum Engagement Ring

Types of Platinum Engagement Rings

Plain Metal Bands

Plain platinum bands look elegant and sophisticated. They are the perfect symbol of love and commitment. Jewelers are coming up with many unique designs to make the plain band look more stylish.

Engraved Rings

You can give a dissimilar appeal when you Buy Engagement Rings Online by getting it engraved with a romantic message. You can also get your engagement date or any other important date engraved on the ring. If you want a unique ring, you can get it customized from any local or online jewelry store.

Diamond And Platinum Rings

The amalgamation of diamond and platinum is irresistible. Platinum is the hardest and strongest precious metal, while diamond is the strongest and hardest precious stone. This sparkling white stone looks ravishing set in polished platinum setting. Diamond and platinum engagement rings are the most sought after across globe. These rings are the best for day to day wear.

Platinum And Gemstone Rings

Colored gemstones like sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and ruby offer a royal look when set in platinum. These rings are available in a range of beautiful designs.

Platinum engagement rings can be purchased from local jewelry stores. Be sure to check the reputation of the store and check that they sell quality and genuine accessories. You can also buy these rings online. There are several Online Jewelry Store with a wide selection of engagement rings.
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